3 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of ITCHY SKIN ALLERGIES Naturally

3 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of ITCHY SKIN ALLERGIES Naturally

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to talk about home remedies for itchy skin. Itchy skin is caused due to dry skin or allergic
reactions on the skin. Dont you worry. here are some simple remedies you can try at home. The first remedy for itchy skin is very very
simple. Apply some petroleum jelly on the skin and leave it overnight. Now wash it with
lukewarm water in the morning and you would see the difference instantly. Take some lemon juice and apply it on the
effected area with dry hands. Now let it dry off and wash it off with cold water. Do this
twice in a week to get best results. For this remedy, take some tulasi leaves,
boil them in water and let it cool off. Now take a white towel and dip it in this concoction.
Apply it on the effected area and let it dry. Rinse off with water and do this everyday
for best results. Thank you for watching. i hope these remedies
help you. Do like this video and subscribe to Stylecraze for more such amazing videos.



    very short remedy. VAAT PIT KAFF not mentioned. May be possible that it will give relief but it is not permanent solution.

  • Arabic Alphabet says:

    Th remedy will burn like hell

  • Arabic Alphabet says:

    Lemon I mean

  • Abbie Roberts says:

    Dont use lemon juice… its acidic…

  • Rupinder Kaur says:

    U said use lemon. I used it nd it's like burn my face. It's too hurting…any other useful remedy instead of these 3 ???

  • Yuno_Gasai chan says:

    and also dry skins on the petroliom jelli

  • K-RAW T.V says:

    it was realy efective .thanxx a lot…..for ur sugestion..



  • swetha azhagi says:

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  • Nikita Verma says:

    can these remedies use for vaginal skin itching????????????

  • Sindhu Chidanand says:

    For psoriasis plz send the remedy

  • Crypto Velvet says:

    Anyone know what is Noboremed Secrets about? I hear many people cures their skin issue safely with Noboremed Secrets (do a google search).

  • SaltyFlubberFish says:

    I have a full body rash, so I was rubbing lemons all over my body and my mom came into my room like wtf

  • Gabriel Payne says:

    Where can I get Tulsi leaves? I live in Cali, not India

  • Bappy888 TM says:

    Thanks sister.

  • Chaminda Chandrasiri says:

    here's a few suggestions for treating urticaria at home
    Ensure you consume plenty of fruit and vegetables.
    Make sure you have enough vitamin C
    make use of herbs which cleanse the liver such as burdock root
    Use herbs with infection fighting properties including dandelion root and burdock and others including huang qi
    (I learned these and why they work from Avyan hives plan website )

  • Crystal Stroud says:

    You saved me from prickling skin that felt like being poked by needles!!!!!!

  • Sameera Ranasinghe says:

    I read loads of good reviews on the internet about how Noboremed Secrets (do a search on google) can assist you cures your skin issue safely. Has anyone tested out this popular skin issue home remedy?

  • Saharin Cuker says:

    There are several suggestions you can try
    eat more fruit and vegatables.
    Drink more liquids
    eliminate smoking.
    Reduce the amount of stress in your life.
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Enata Skin System site )

  • Darryl D says:

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  • samita saha says:

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  • Aldin Bojic says:

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  • Hida Arzoo says:

    my skin is very sensitive

  • Hida Arzoo says:

    nothing suits on me feeling sorry for my self

  • Life with Me Madi says:

    Guys u can just use Aloe Vera

  • Time Tracker says:

    can i take some water in temon juice or not?

  • amjad thaks says:

    thanks a lot

  • Cullen C says:

    I was having an annoying rash under my eye. I later discovered that I was experiencing eyelid eczema. I tried this eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it) and by the next day, there was progress. I`m very happy to report, it continued to enhance and right after Two weeks of use, I really feel fairly confident which it is quite cured.

  • Lubega Richard says:

    Thks baby

  • News Ka tarka says:

    She looks like the sister of a GUY in beebom channel

  • gaming with humaira says:

    I'll rather do the first remedy instead

  • salman hashmi says:

    Meri problem thori alag h

  • Yellow Rose says:

    I have Keratosis Pilaris

  • Chicken Lurkin' Yung Chihuahua says:

    So can I still use remedy number 2 despite it being opposed by some people in the comment? My face is easily prone to mosquito bites and it’s embarrassing when I have to deal with it in public. Is it fine?

  • Ashley S says:

    I discovered this eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it) two winters ago when I was experiencing a particularly bad eczema outbreak on my wrists and hands. My hands were experiencing dryness, itchiness, as well as redness. This guide is a great one. The guide saved me from the hassle of strapping ice packs to my hands. I strongly recommend it.

  • Natasa Crowley says:

    here's several ideas worth trying
    eat more fruit and vegatables.
    eliminate smoking.
    Reduce the amount of stress in your life.
    apply calendula oil.
    (I read these and why they work on Myracs Clear Guide website )

  • shumaila naaz says:

    Are you serious about applying lemon 😠😠😠 it's so bloody dangerous to use on sensitive area

  • eradicatedsoul says:

    Neem leaves would be better.

  • Rushikesh Kolapkar says:


  • Tamara Mckinney says:

    Thank you sooo much the petroleum worked!!

  • Esther Charles says:

    How about all over my body?

  • Basheer Ahmed says:

    Thank you so much literally I was worried…

  • Kahmiud says:

    Non of them is working its all miss guiding information because it makes worst

  • crsytal shakira says:

    How long should be use for lime juice .

  • Bablu goyla says:

    R u mad

  • Barbara Mowrey says:

    I think lemon juice will do.

  • Altex lan says:

    yes auntie,

  • shivani manoharlall says:

    How people will use Limon on their skin ?that will burn and cause more pain especially people with sensitive skin.

  • Sajid Khursheed says:

    mujai pehle allergy hoti hai aur frost bite b phir waha skin ki layer uth jaati hai jis ki waja se white spots hotai hain plz mujai is ki remedy bataow

  • Thomas Shelby says:

    After eating anything fried I get itching in my. Face

  • Noor Lifestyle says:

    Aloe Vera is a significant herbal remedy for this problem. It is used as lotion, soap or cream for maintaining a good health of your skin. For more click here: http://www.noor-lifestyle.com/2017/02/home-remedies-for-itching-how-to-get.html

  • motivational quotes says:

    Lemon se. Bhut Jalan hoti h face p😠

  • Jay Jones says:

    Thanks very much

  • Georgi Gaydazhiev says:

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  • Nisha Kumari says:


  • 077 Di says:

    You need to show this not talk so fast

  • Baibhab Das says:

    These remedies were useful. I should avoid scratching, right?

  • Baibhab Das says:

    All these remedies were really helpful! Please do something on sinus problems too 😊

  • akhilesh bhardwaj says:

    If u have chronic skin itching …. Treatment by ayurvedic medicine…for parmanent solution…more details call or whatsapp no.9758063528(Dr.Arvind Bhardwaj)

  • Prachi Mandal says:

    ek month se jayada hogya hai meko luri body me bht itching he mene bht safe medicine try ki even I went to skin doctor also then also 4 doctor change kiye neem leaves detol lotion powder sab try kiya par kuch result Nhi h and because me mere bki gar ke member ko bhi itching hogyi what should I do ?

  • Jannatul Ferdous says:

    Lemon and Vaseline? :/ big no no

  • Leostar16 says:

    Lemon juice remedies works like magic. Maam thanks you very much. Helped me getting rid of itching and red patches also. God bless you.

  • ram dhanpat says:

    I had an itch at the back of my neck I used cortisone it help for an hour or so I cut a lemon in half rub it on the area itching was gone thank you

  • manjunath ballappa says:

    I tried lemon juice…….its really😁 workrd for me…thank u ..

  • vetri selvi says:

    really superb

  • Dess Lynn says:

    Hmmm… sounds pretty promising

  • Noshaba Sheraz says:

    I got so much itchi 😭😭

  • irfan sheikh says:


  • Jolly Mis says:

    Lemon on dry skin….😂😂😂😂

  • NJ Grant says:

    Wait… How comes a lot of home remedy videos are from India?? Where are the old remedy videos where white and black Americans show to cure people? Is YouTube really making Indian people dominent to health?

  • Nargis Nargis says:

    Best remady is buying a wooden scraching hand.

  • colourful pineapple says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME MY FACE SUDDENLY STARTED ITCHUNG SO MUCH..EVEN MY EARS (and no i did not use any recipes from this video i was just looking for a video to stop my face from ITCHING)

  • Arushi Sharma says:

    Nice video, you should try Planet Ayurveda Aloe Vitale Capsules. These are very effective.

  • world mathematics says:

    You are very beautiful

  • Tosin Moses says:

    I need help, I'm neither diabetic nor has high blood sugar but whenever I smell something horrible, my leg itches. Whenever I use random detergent to clean my toilet bowl, same thing happens. I also noticed whenever I'm kinda in a hot area and feeling uncomfortable, my leg itches. Finally, I changed my body cream too and I was allergic. I never experienced any allergic reaction before moving abroad 2years ago. Is it the weather, food or my hidden allergies are just showing up?

  • Huiyen Lanmi says:

    Fuck yourself

  • Sunil says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice information. I also suffered from skin allergy and tried many medicines. Lastly, I took Curcumin Capsules and Radiant Hair Skin Nail Formula of Planet Ayurveda. These medicines work wonderfully. I am fine now.

  • Antoinette Parry says:

    Sprinkle a little bi-carb onto wet hands and rub onto the affected area. The relief is instant and will last quite a while. If you don't have bi-carb, baking soda will do the job just as well. You only need a little to cover a large area and it dries fast.

  • Farizah Icha says:

    Lemon juice?!!! Are you crazy?? It will burnnnnnn

  • All Watched says:

    I'm itching it now…and you suggested to do it every day…or wait for the night and wash it in the morning?puft…

  • Sandhiya Palanisamy says:

    Neem use pannalama mam

  • moose185 says:

    Do any of these remedies work? I’ve been itching all over my body for weeks now! I’m going mad!

  • DC DC says:

    One good remedy is practice self control… DO NOT SCRATCH.
    Pray that God helps you control and heals you..

    Will try putting some lemon juice on one red patch..update if report is good… Pray pray pray.

  • Luisa Xu says:

    i had really bad itchy skin, dont listen this doesnt work, especially adding lemon… it get worse.

  • Aadila Jogi says:

    First n third remedies r seeming good I think neem leaves will work too

  • ekta singh dk says:

    Pta ni kyu mere pure body me nhane k kuchh der baad irritation hone lgti hai body lotion lga k thk gyi pani bhi jyada piti hu aur coconut oil bhi lga k thk chuki hu koi aisa upay btao jisse help mile mujhe

  • Gold Mark says:

    I got little spots of eczema as well as remedied it using this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). I seen great outcomes making use of the guide and after utilized it to mend the eczema impacted parts of my face and it also seemed to be reliable. I haven’t been happier with just how my skin area appears to be. It really feels so wonderful and also healthy. .

  • Maria Ndlovu says:

    I rubbed lemon it worked for me

  • Nancy Walker says:

    I was diagnosed with LP 6yrs ago. My first patch formed from a cut.  I was shaving and I cut myself. A Thick patch of itchy bumpy skin formed over it. I thought it was infected or something. I kept going to the doctors nobody could tell me anything. After 3yrs it finally went away on its on. I was on a diet at the time so knowing what I know now I think that played a part in it healing. Then I cut myself again shaving 😒 on my ankle and it happened again. Once again no one could tell me why or what it was. Finally A dermatologist biopsy it and diagnosed me with LP. I've never had my Lp spread around my body or not stem from an injury or me cutting myself. All until about 2 years ago I started to get dark itchy patches on my back my arms and my chest. I was on a lot of medicine for some years pain meds tramadol and percocets etc.  Something made me feel like that played a part in what was going on with my skin. So I stopped taking all my pain medicine. I figured I rather have the pain in my knee an then to continue to suffer with the skin condition. Narcotics overtime breaks down your immune system to keep your body from healing itself or functioning properly. It can cause you not to ovulate anymore. And a whole bunch of issues over longterm use.   That the doctors don't tell you when they prescribed these narcotics. Anyways I threw out all my medication, and I try to eat more healthy. The discipline with the eating is not always great or perfect at least for me it's hard. Then a friend directed to a herbal man, she said he aslo helped her and most of her friends with OLP, HALITOSIS, RASH, SKIN BUMPS/WARTS, VLP, LS, EZCEMA, LP of different types and symptoms with herbal medication.. I must say that since I started taking the herbal, medication Within 21 days the LP cleared from my back arms, chest and the whole body.. Both in and out of my body. Reading through the post I haven't seen anyone say that their LP formed originally from them cutting their selves with shaving or an injury. If you are interested in getting intouch with the herbal man for medication as well email him here

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