23andMe DNA Test Results Are In- Yikes! | EpicReviewGuys CC

23andMe DNA Test Results Are In- Yikes! | EpicReviewGuys CC

– Hi, it’s Parris from Epic Reviews, and I just got in the
results from my 23 and Me 99 dollar DNA test, and as
the doctors like to say, there’s good news and there’s bad news. ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ It was November last
year that I saw 23 and Me was having a special for just 99 dollars they would do a DNA test for you that would test about a
million spots on your DNA, and tell you whether you
were more inclined to some medical conditions,
less inclined to some, would also let you see your ancestral DNA, your make up of where
your family came from, and people you might be related to. Now about the time I was
filling my vial with spit to send back to them for the test, the FDA notified 23 and
Me, hey, no more of this, indicating to people
whether they’re inclined to get certain medical conditions unless you have very, very strong proof and you’re absolutely
certain you’re not mistaken in giving them wrong information, because some people may go out and do something drastic. I think I was one of
the last people to get my spit in in time to have the option of seeing
my medical results. If you go and do the test now they don’t offer you that anymore. It’s just the ancestral side
that you can find out about. At the time I ordered
the test, I thought yeah, information is good. I wanna see if I’m inclined to something, maybe I can change
something in my lifestyle to improve that, maybe there’s a bunch of things I don’t need to worry about coming down with in my lifetime. So sure, I agree, I agree,
send me all the results. I’ll participate in all the study. Well, when I got to this first screen I stopped. So, Parkinson’s Disease indicator and the Alzheimer’s Disease indicator are locked, and you have to go and open, unlock them. At first I thought they were gonna charge extra for it, but no, that’s not it. It’s because you really may not wanna know the answer to this, and
when I gave it a little thought I realized I don’t, because these diseases obviously really have such a major impact on your life. They can’t be cured or really treated very well currently, and there’s really nothing you can do to
keep from getting them. It’s not like well,
it’s a terrible disease, and we can’t cure it,
but since you know you’re inclined to get it, you know,
make all these lifestyle changes and it may keep
you from getting it, that there’s really
nothing you can do about it at this point, so they’re
separate and they’re locked, and I understand that. I know I thought I would
wanna see all my results, I’ve actually decided not to unlock that. Now the bad news first, we start here will elevated
risk of having these conditions, and again we’ve got the
stars for confidence. There are only four that
they’re very confident that they can accurately
predict if you’re more inclined to have these conditions. The ones down below with the fewer stars mean there’s some data for that, but it’s not yet a strong
scientific correlation. The one that really shocked me is the prostate cancer. Cancer doesn’t run in my family. I don’t know any males in my family that have had prostate cancer yet. They’re telling me I
have an 8% higher risk of prostate cancer, which
it’s not like it’s double everybody else, but that
makes it a one in four chance, so it’s kind of worrisome. Okay, then they talk about
genes versus environment, that it’s about half of your likelihood seems to be genetic for prostate cancer, and half of it is environmental, things that you’re exposed to, perhaps your diet. They don’t know all of that yet, but if we look further down, what can you do? Talk to your doctor
about a screening test. You can be screened more aggressively to stay on top of that, your PSA test, and other things that they do to men to check on your prostate. Then further down, they
give you some suggestions. Now, there’s nothing
particular that’s been shown to greatly reduce
prostate cancer risk, but tomatoes have lycopene
and various things. This may help. Make sure you have enough
folate in your diet, moderate your calcium intake. I should stay on top of
being tested for this, and whatever advice they
have to try to reduce the risk, I should follow that. Now, to be honest, when I first saw this I really was shocked, and the very first thing
that came into my mind. I had an Angelina Jolie moment was, well, I don’t need it anymore. Just have it removed. Of course there’s all kinds of considering it’s locations,
the nerves that pass through it and so forth,
there are a lot of side effects to the surgery. It’s definitely something
I’ll talk to my doctor about, but after getting it over,
that first impression of well, cut it out. I’ve decided all right,
I will just stay on top of monitoring it, see
what steps I can take to reduce the risks. Back to my elevated risk list, number one is type one diabetes. Now, I thought that was something if you we’re gonna get
it, you tended to get it when you were very young, because this is sort of frightening here. I’m at over three times the risk of the average population if you just think diabetes, that’s all
you know, you would say oh my gosh, but of
course there’s type one, there’s type two, and
type one I believe does, if you’re going to get
it it will affect you more likely when you’re young, but look at the age range here. For all ages, from birth to 79, if I change that to my age range here, now instead of three and a
half it’s .36 out of 100. This one honestly is rather misleading. I think this is the
kinda thing that the FDA is saying, maybe it’s
better not to have this test with just a webpage saying hey, you got three and a half
times risk of diabetes, you should do this with a doctor, with a genetic counselor who can explain these things to you. Now further down the
list with fewer stars, these are other things I
have an increased risk of, but there’s not a lot of strong science to say I should be worrying about these things a great deal. Asthma, thyroid cancer, male infertility, ha. I beat them on that one. Okay, there’s those, alright. Time for the good news. Decreased risk, and
there are more of these with the strong confidence. First one is type two diabetes. My risk is 18%. The average risk is 25%. Now that’s a good one, because
that does run in my family, and so that I have a
lower risk of it is good. Is this a get out of jail free card? That means you can just
go wild, you won’t get it, just means I have a lower likelihood than the average person of coming down with it, but that’s actually very
good news for me right there. Less chance of psoriasis, age
related macular degeneration, melanoma, restless leg syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, that’s very good not to have a likelihood of that, that’s a scary one. Now other things under health
that you can check into, drug response if you are
particularly sensitive to a drug, or you might have
a bad reaction to a drug. That’s a good one to know. Inherited conditions, traits. Now on the ancestral side
it’ll tell you where your relatives’ likelihood came from. Of course, as you go further
back, you have more and more relatives that may have come from unexpected places. This says that my DNA is 99.6% European, which makes sense. I’m 47.4% British and Irish. I know my family came from
England 100 years ago, so this is all fitting in real well. The surprise is the .1% East
Asian and Native American. It’s very small. It’s one tenth of 1%, but if that’s a strand of
DNA that couldn’t have come from a European I’m real
curious where that came from. Now, just as sort of a curiosity they tell you what percent of your DNA you have in common with neanderthals, 2.6% for me, a little bit less
than the average European. They give you some, I mean
it’s fun information about it, but look over on the right. They even sell t-shirts
that you can put your neanderthal percentage and
that you’re proud of it. This is the research and
survey section of the website, and I think this may actually
be the most interesting part of this whole project, because with this you can actually
make a contribution to understanding of human genetics. There’s surveys about all kinds of things. I’ve gone through and
done a bunch already, and they can take the
answers that you give here and combine that with what
they know about your DNA, and look for patterns. So all in all it’s a lot of information. It’s a lot to take in. You learn so much about
yourself all at once, things that you can’t see
that’s going on inside every cell of your body that’s
making you what you are. It’s kind of scary, because it’s so new and because I sent in a sample of spit, and they can tell me I’m at an increased risk for prostate cancer. It’s a little bit frightening. So scary or not, this is the future. Biotechnology is going to remake the world in the next 20 years
just like technology has in the past 20 years, and if you’re not quite ready
to have your DNA tested yet, you can wait a little
while longer, but not too much longer. It’s coming. ♫ Shopping is easy when
you know what to buy ♫ At Epic Review Guys, we give stuff a try ♫ What does the fox buy, nobody knows ♫ But before he goes shopping
he watches our videos ♫


  • Prence says:

    Now that they can't offer the medical part, you know whats cheaper than this service to find out what part of the world your family comes from. It's cheaper if you ask your family where you come from. Most certainty cheaper than $99.
     I want to know what I'm prone to get in my lifetime rather what part of the world I come from.

  • Co⊙zeB○Yz says:

    You're a much braver man than I. I'd be too afraid to find out the results.

  • Co⊙zeB○Yz says:

    The fact that you have some of the diseaeses in your family should automatically put you at a higher risk. I see why they banned this practice. Seems a little shady.

  • Rebecca Poole says:

    If it makes you feel any better, all men as they get older, will have some prostate cancer cells in their prostate from the ageing process. I did work on prostate cancer cells for my intercalated BSc Hons during my medical training. (I am a family physician now).

  • Comic Guy says:

    Kind of scary if you ask me, but considering these are not yes and no answers luckily I would try to be only moderately affected by this.  Were all gonna die I just hope it's in my sleep and that it doesn't affect my loved ones too much.  Hope that didn't sound cold.  Just my biggest fear is for my daughter and how she will live without me, she's disabled and needs me or mom, it's my biggest fear in life otherwise I couldn't give a rats ass about being here besides her.  

  • Rebecca Poole says:

    I guess that most lay people would worry about there being a seed of prostate cancer cells in their prostate, but men should be reassured that it's usually a different health problem that carries them off.
    The other thing to remember is the prostate, like your nose & ears, grows throughout life. If men have urinary symptoms, it's always a good idea to see the doctor to be checked.

  • Maliyah Fredericks says:

    cam you please check out my channel and maybe sub if you want to u don't have to though cool vid

  • Konalavajava says:

    So, after viewing your initial video I ordered the kit.  By the time I got it the FDA stepped in and now I can't get a straight, simple answer from 23andme as to what to do.  I would just as soon get my money back by all they respond with is multiple web pages to go to.  Any suggestions?

  • EpicReviewGuys says:

    Hey Lave Java,
        Something in your account settings won't let me reply to your comment on the video.  As I recall, if you were sent your test kit before the FDA ruling then you will still get the medical results.  But I also understood that at that point people who wanted to cancel their test could still do so for a refund.  If they won't cooperate you can always call your credit card company and explain the situation and they can issue a charge back.
    Good luck.

  • Razear says:

    I want to do this but the shipping to Canada is 60 bucks on top of the $99…did they at least get rid of the subscription model to a one payment type deal? And I feel like I'm getting ripped off now that they're not providing the health details to people after the November FDA conflict.

  • ClarksonsinUSA says:

    Okay a question ,I had a great surprise of 0.1% of my DNA from sub Sahara Africa that seems almost unbelievable..No physical proof,no traits,nothing ..Other than the test result posted to my account….I did the math,if every generation is  30 years give or take and it doubles the % of sub Saharan DNA going back with each generation to the birth of said source of DNA .. 1634 would be the conception date give of take a decade or 2…..There is nothing left of that time, I can find …I like facts ,things I can wrap my hands around/mind around…I think a second test,is going to be done by another company to confirm …I did not even think my ancestors set foot in America until  the 1780s,and there was none to very limited chances for anything interracial anything in Europe at that time… Its not that not all my ancestors appear not to be European that bothers me,if this is not true..Then who's to say any of it is????Any thoughts about this,would be helpful…..

  • 紡蓮魅歌 says:

    So, entirely, or close enough thereto, "white" people (Europeans) do exist still!
    You, Sir, have disproven the common belief that that group are all mixed with non-Europeans already.

    I am neither considering it good, or bad. I'm simply pointing out that it has debunked an apparent myth.

  • xpallodoc says:

    What do you mean I can wait a little longer but not to much longer? Do you mean they are out there testing all out DNA with out our knowledge

  • jfsfrnd says:

    The 45.1% non specific Northern European is concerning.

  • Bill Warren says:

    I suppose you could get your money in any case but why not just download your raw data  file and submit it to 3td party ultility sites like GEDmatch and even better promethease for analysis? Warning GEDmath interpretes more gnes and increases chances of a negative reprort.  23and me gave me  15% les chance of Altzheimer's while I had a 4 times increased normal chance on GEDmatch. Similarly for Parkinsons.

  • plumstreetmusic says:

    23andme is good for the raw data. However, they have been limited by the US government in terms of the health reporting. Also, their haplogroup assignment is based on the 2009 ISOGG table (isogg.org). Download your data and a copy of the ISOGG 2014 Y-DNA table and start with your Y-DNA and match it to the ISOGG table. I did an an example: 23andme ISOGG 2014  –John

  • Junye Zhang says:

    till now, nearly everybody I saw has east Asian gene like 1%ish, so do not be so surprised, just check Mongolian empire…
    mongolian empire and feudal japan | mrvailsclass2

  • Meade Music says:

    We are not related to Neanderthals. Also, Genes are very random and actually genetics are not as important as people once thought. For example, there is not telling how long you will live based on genes. Even identical twins do not live the same age or die of the same disease. Environment is really a much bigger factor than genetics.

  • Pearl Sherman says:

    so im wondering if i can order from 23andme canada and have it delivered to texas?? i want the medical results!

  • Ed Terry says:

    Most men die with prostate cancer, not because of it. Unless there is a family history of prostate cancer, diagnostic tests and the resulting treatments can be more dangerous that doing nothing.

  • Xm Flash says:

    Doesn't sound strange you would be part Native American. I'm most interested in getting it done to see potential Neanderthal ancestry.

  • frizizzi says:

    The 0.1% Asian is probably just DNA which is indistinguishable between Europeans and Asians and not necessarily an Asian ancestor.

  • Facts Over Emotions says:

    Thanks for sharing. I am seriously thinking about using 23andme instead of ancestry dot com. I wonder which one is better though?

  • polyrhythmia says:

    I think the East Asian DNA came in with the Mongol invasions of Europe.  I too have 0.1% East Asian DNA.  By the way, there is a website called Promethease which will take your 23andme raw data and give out health readings.  Not sure how long it will last before it's shut down, though.  

  • The Tree Keeper says:

    the mongols or huns gave you 0.1%

  • Miguel Retes says:

    what other sites would you suggest who can analysis my raw data from 23andme? I have checked out geneticgenic.com but are there other sites? Thanks! Love the video!

  • Nick S says:

    so basically you're european descent

  • christianright09 says:

    I was 2.6% Neanderthal 2..:)

  • Caged Creature says:

    You can't see your own medical results what the fudge?

  • Nico_Beldin says:

    Welcome to the DNA Database of the future, where everyone is logged and accounted for at all times.
    The government can seize this information at any time.

  • VOTE GREEN 2015 says:

    @EpicReviewGuys please fix ur audio

  • Midnight says:

    Hey, you told me so I retracted the whether or not you're European lol. I found your video pretty fun to watch. You went through that scary stuff without making me want to click off the thing. I was afraid to do it because of all that stuff they tell you. I don't want to know how sick I'm going to get. I just want to know how curly my hair is suppose to be lol.

  • Tinmanshu says:

    Screening spit for disease risks does not exist. This guy really believes this shit; I enjoy his enthusiasm though.

  • Ivan Velasco says:

    its all lies

  • Donald Loudermilk says:

    uhh, I just watched your video, and I got a little freaked out because you look really young, but you think you do not need your prostate anymore…whoa man that gland is important. SIGH, but it is your body do what you will.

  • Jack William Atkins says:

    bullshit – ketosis cures every disease

  • Wifey67 says:

    HI I had a few locked results to and i opened them and it was nothing ….so i hope you have opened them now.. also i would upload my data to Promethease for more extensive results and to Gedmatch for dna matches to relatives it's a free site.

  • greenbanana1001 says:

    I so want to do this

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin says:

    23&me is dishonest

  • GrowLLLTigeRRR says:

    I suppose the FDA is my nanny because I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Why would they treat us as children?

  • S. Mulder says:

    So they don't give a medical results because of the FDA? How about in europe?

  • Johannes Söderström says:

    I think there are steps to prevent parkinsson. Maby check out John Grays videos about it.

  • simone says:

    wow I pAID 199 .000 LMAO i FEEL RIPPED OFF

  • Macaroni says:

    Thank you so much for this!

  • uKnow says:

    Wow you are as European as they get :O

  • enniemeanieminnie says:

    I want to do something like this, but I want a more accurate like what tribe I belong to. Because mushing asian & native american (which I am both), doesn't tell me much.

  • Cindy says:

    Buddy, there's a LOT you can do to prevent Parkinsons and Alzheimers. Your doctor won't know anything, but there are many studies showing how nutrition and exercise can prevent both. As well as limiting certain chemical exposure.

  • Jerry Mazzola says:

    We just did ours and the health info is now allowed to be included . The FDA has allowed them to reveal it.

  • Jita'ame suluma says:

    europeans nearly all have a small percent of asian from the sammi

  • nitajo45 says:

    I would love to do this but I don't like the idea of my DNA being in a data base

  • ell diavolo says:

    Hey man, you can slow down the ongoing process of alzheimer's and parkinson's so the earlier you know the better chance is to slow it down

  • Michael Blanz says:

    my dad has restless leg syndrome 🙁

  • Keep Peace says:

    I think you have a responsibility to your loved ones to begin preparing should you have those devastating diseases. I also believe it would help you turn to God for help as well. You must be the kind of person who lives in denial about the truth. That you don't want to know if you have it or not is very irresponsible to your family.

  • UrbanExplorer1000 says:

    not true you get all the data

  • Franklin Taylor says:

    Daone have had several of what you have the risk for.  You must be HLA-B27 positive. Like myself 8% of the U.S. population have it. Thanks for posting sir.

  • Lana Howard says:

    How can we purchase the old kits?

  • hilmi says:

    no you ministered the information!

  • Lindie Lee says:

    Alzheimer's – consider purging your home of aluminum products. Most likely antiperspirant source. As far as the medical community goes they say there is nothing they can do. Please consider the health and wellness route and try a little research. I'd like to see you around for a long time.

  • TiborasaurusRex says:

    Just got my genetic results back, with mixed results: The good news is I'm 100% human, the bad news is that I have 100% chance of dying.

  • askarainbow says:

    Your vid is about the 4th one I watched about 23 and Me and I have one strong conclusion . . . it is total Bull SHIT !!!!! Sorry, but that is what I am getting !

  • Phyllis R says:

    They do the medical now, and it is approved by the feds. The price is $199.

  • lord Farthingale says:

    You must already be dead. Lol

  • walleye364 says:

    I would want to see if I have any chance of getting Parkinson. I"m single, and no kids, so I need some kind of plan if it happens. It might change the way I allocate my finances. If I have a better chance of living older, I might plug more into my 401k. If I have more likely chance of living until I'm in my 60's with a incurable disease, I might want to put my money towards, land and a farm, so I can enjoy doing those things.

  • Abstract Entity says:

    Maybe your East Asian DNA could be from admixture with the Sami people of Scandinavia

  • Beth Leo says:

    I always wonder what the unassigned DNA is

  • goodb With U says:

    I am wondering how to access all this information on our reports (I have reports for everyone in our family – as well as children-in-law)

  • Greencloud8 says:

    There should be a consent I'd like to know my risk of diabetes I'd probably stop eating sugar and then what types of sugar I'd be eating. I paid a hundredDollars more for more detailed information.

    If I wanted broad information I'd take the ancestry.com dna test.

    Anyway my spit has gone off In to the mail and I'll be waiting eagerly! I also have a theory that I'm European and Arabic. And maybe Native American. Will see I'm actually looking forward to giving an answer to people who question my ethnicity.

  • Eddie Smith says:

    I understand that they allow the medical factors now.

  • J Godfrey says:

    Best way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer is to ejaculate an average of 22 times a month. Drop loads it prevents cancer!

  • Darla Armstrong says:

    Just so you and everyone else knows, 23&Me is again allowed to tell you if you are a carrier for genetic diseases that you might pass on to your child. This is especially important for couples who are having issues carrying a baby to term. I like how you mentioned genes versus environment, because this does make a huge difference when it comes to how to interpret your genetic results & risks. What many people don't realize is that 23&Me also lets you download your "raw data" which is a long zip file containing your entire genetic code. If you find the right resources, there are certain companies that you can send your raw data to, and they will run it to find out what types of nutrients your body has issues processing and/or which nutrients you body needs a higher than average, or special forms of nutrients. By addressing these concerns, you can lower and almost completely eliminate your risk of diseases/conditions that your report might say you have a higher change of getting. I invite all of you who have used 23&Me to check out www.elevatedhealthsolutions.com. They will run your raw data once you send the file to them, and will give you a report that 23 and me doesn't typically include, and help you to address any areas of concern with your DNA. Having the ability to tailor a treatment/nutrition plan to each person's DNA is a huge game-changer, and one that is going to help the world deal with their health issues in a much more effective way.

  • Kaitlin Blazejack says:

    Medical Student here. Just an FYI: if every man lived long enough, he'd get prostate cancer. It's because the rate of tissue turnover in that gland is so high; the greater the rate of tissue turnover, the more DNA is being replicated, & the more likelihood over time that there will be errors. We all have special proteins in our bodies that work with the DNA replication process, but they may have found that one of yours doesn't function as well, or something like that, hence the slight increase in risk. Honestly, though, if you live a balanced lifestyle and follow routine checkups, likelihood is that you'll die of something else before that mutation becomes a problem. As for Parkinson's, the earlier it is detected, the sooner medication can be prescribed to protect nerves in the brain. I suspect the same is true with Alzheimer's, though there, lifestyle choices (not cooking with aluminum cookware or using deodorant with aluminum), make a big difference. Hope this helps you understand.

  • Talking Leaf says:

    Genes For Good do the testing for FREE! You get both the medical and the ancestry. You just have to answer a few fast surveys according to your personal health and they send the kit. It's by the University of Michigan. They provide all the results.

  • Catrina Lynne says:

    wow this is great! I liked seeing what all the results were like. great video

  • Mads V says:

    I also checked my DNA today and got 99,8 % European. 65,8 % Scandinavian, 10,5 % British & Irish and so on. Very interesting!

  • dooquidis4ever says:

    why do these have to drag on and on? Why can't they just get straight to the point?

  • PrettyPurpleful says:

    100% white

  • RealTalk 2035 says:

    Top. Thank you!!

  • RealTalk 2035 says:

    Just 99 dollars w0w.

  • Onur Basut says:

    ÷68 kurmanc ÷22 asian 🙂

  • Danny Rosenberg says:

    You're wrong about alzheimers. Entirely preventable

  • undercrackers56 says:

    Aggressive prostate screening? Does that mean you are examined by Mr T? ("I pity the poor fool who comes to me for testing. I pity him.)

  • Jason Kim says:

    The .1% of east Asian DNA came from Genghis Khan boyo!

  • LivingWithLina says:

    Liked watching your video <3

    I make videos too, let me know what you think!

  • Sussie Due says:

    Um….they still do the disease test. It's an extra $100.

  • Stephen Wadsworth says:

    I can't believe how gullable people are. Is your name and address written in your dna?

    Ethnicity can't be transferred in dna. Giving percentages of one's ethnicity is analogous to reading tea leaves or fortunetelling, which is what ethnicity results are. Selling you snake oil or a pet rock.

  • Connor Baker says:

    you can do the medical condition things now

  • Double Ghod says:

    I wish I had watched this before I went to 23. Here are my complaints: I ordered this 23andme for my young adopted daughter. $100 and I'm not happy. 1st: I never saw any age parameters on any 23andme website(the instuctions say 'physically mature people). 2nd: I know it is can be accomplished quickly but you must register online before you send your saliva sample in or they will not evaluate your specimen. Of course, when you type in the camouflaged letters that are in the "hack proof" rectangle it comes up "wrong letters" the first 3 or 4 times (as I'm sure everyone who has pubic hair has experienced time and again, and you know how frustrating that is). 3rd: 23andme starts in with all these intrusive questions, ostensibly to help isolate and cure disease in the world but I have heard that the Israeli Gov't, thru some beards, actually collects the info that we surrender. I'm sorry I ever did this damn thing.As for those folks who have patience, don't mind filling out forms and generally don't care how far Big Brother sticks its Orwellian nose up your ying-yang, you'll probably be satisfied with 23andme

  • Double Ghod says:

    That "average risk chart" at chronomark 5:56 has a flock of maladies that the specimen donor may be subject to. Scroll down and see that they have this guy "at risk" for a dozen conditions! It reminds me of Chicken Little bemoaning the fates because of global warming or massive tsunamis or meteors hitting Earth….take your pick. Even though these DNA places are ostensibly looking out for your health it comes down to fear-mongering. Everyone is gonna die but if you wanna die sooner rather than later simply take these "scientific charts" seriously, then worry your butt off and you're sure to get one of the disorders next week.

  • ursaltydog says:

    Do you still feel the same way towards knowing Parkinsons or Alzheimer's? The medical community is finding more ways to combat it to a degree.. and also the research is helping unlock the secrets of the two disorders.

  • Kirsikka says:

    very interesting thank you so much for sharing.

  • erynlasgalen1949 says:

    Congrats on the Native American. Since Europeans and Native Americans have shared the North American continent for close to 500 years, there's always that chance. More puzzling was my 1% North African within the last 350 years, with all the rest being northern and eastern Europeans. I look at the geography, and in light of the fact that the two individuals had to be in the same room together at some point, and realize there's an interesting travel story there. I just will never know it.

    By the way, you can do things to stave off Alzheimers and make its progression a lot slower once the first signs are noticed. It's called Best Practices, and most of it is diet and exercise, but drugs like Aricept can keep a person functional much longer the earlier they are begun. Both you and your doctor can be on the lookout rather than wasting time. It helps to be financially prepared as well, however you choose your priorities. No sense in putting off your dreams for later. My mother has the disease.

  • Katie Mikell says:

    Every male is at an increased risk of having prostate cancer. I think it's one of the most common cancers for males, but most get it when they are old and die never knowing they had it or never having to treat it, again because of the age factor.

  • Carolyn says:

    Health option is STILL available….

  • Jack C says:

    100% chance of cancer

  • Kayla g says:

    Omg very scary

  • Alwyn Evergray says:

    They brought the health back.

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