2 Mins में साड़ी की प्लेट्स और पल्लू लगाने का एकदम नया तरीका – How To Wear Saree Perfectly | Anaysa

Hii guys !!! I am Neha the problem we face during draping saree is how to fix pleats esily so in today’s video i will tell you guys how you can fix pleats easily and perfectly and gonna tell you some tricks how you should drape saree so you can look slim as you know guys it’s neha’s video and i can’t stay without sharing something new so in this video will tell you a new way to drape pallu watch dis video till the end and if you like the video must like and share so let’s start with today’s video must tie you paticot in the centre carry heels before start draping saree so you will get perfect saree length now start draping saree remember that your saree must touch floor now start tucking saree from side once you reach on side leave a small pleat leave one pleat other side too by doing this saree hug our hips and give a perfect shape and this also give us a slim look once you complete a round hold another corner and gather it roughly now take it from back and put on your shoulder now fix pallu’s length according you if you are carrying open pallu so your pallu’s length must be approx as shown in video put the left pallu on your shoulder so you will make pleats easily if you are creating pleats like this then you will get dirty and messy pleats and first pleat look very dirty right way to fix pleats is get the fabric in side and measure it like shown and start creating pleats you can make pleats in traditional way or if you are a beginner you can create like i shown in video by this you will hold the pleats easily give pleats a bit jerk so pleats will arrange well leave a few inches fabric after creating pleats now arrange pleats well arrange them with giving 1 cm gap in each pleat now secure pleats with safety pins on both corner so they can’t move from their side now leave the pleats and start fixing pallu stretch the pallu a bit tight from front and secure with safety pins like shown now secure saree with one more safety pin from front as this saree will hug our hips so we can look slim now tuck pleats a bit far from your belly button and will tuck the left fabric backside like shown now fix pleat from downward and secure with safety pins so pleats remain at same piostion stretch the pallu a bit and secure it with safety pins on shoulder lefting 2 inch gap don’t carry pallu like this if with open pallu doing this border fold upside and look dirty always carry it like shown in the video here we done open pallu saree you can see tummy is not showing off at the same time i am looking slim too now will tell you new style of pallu for this hold your pallu like shown and start making small pleats as small pleat you make you get the perfect style arrange pleats well and secure with safety pin secure pleats 2 inch back of your shoulder like shown now arrange pleats from front arrange them with leaving them a bit loose so we can get the look on shoulder like this now secure pleats with safety pin you can use broach also now get the left fabric backside and make tinny pleats with this and secure them as shown now arrange pleats from front this was my new draping style this is it for today’s video if you like the video let me know by commenting belwo must subscribe ANAYSA and press that bell icon too me NEHA will meet you in next video till then take care and buh byeee

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