15 Min Yoga For When You Are Stuck | Yoga With Adriene

15 Min Yoga For When You Are Stuck  |  Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and
this is sweet Benji and hey it happens,
we get stuck. So yoga, particularly at home,
is the perfect opportunity to just make forward
movement one breath at a time. So this little diddy is designed
to help you get unstuck, to help bring some gentle energy
back to the body so that you can get moving in a
direction that feels good. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay pals, we are going
to begin standing today. So stand up tall. Take a moment to go,
“You know what? “I’m gonna give this my
all because my goal is “to move my energy
in a way that serves. “My goal is to get out
of maybe a yucky feeling “or a situation where
you just feel tired.” That kind of heavy, you know,
low energy feeling. So wherever you are meeting
yourself today just come as you are and then let’s
give it our best shot, right? Let’s have some fun. Okay, there’s your pep talk.
(chuckles) We’re gonna start
with the feet really wide. So go ahead and step the
feet as wide as your yoga mat. You don’t even
really need a yoga mat for this practice today. But you want to make sure that
you feel grounded in your feet here so if you’re not on a mat
or say you’re on carpet and you don’t feel grounded,
just half your stance. You know you don’t
have to go so wide, ’cause you want
to be able to feel nice and grounded
in the legs. Okay? And the feet are gonna
be parallel for this one. And then super
nice and slow, okay? So super easy is
what I was gonna say. You’re gonna send the
fingertips out left to right. Inhale. Pause. Keep inhaling as you reach
fingertips towards the sky. And then you’re just gonna
let it all down with control. So again, you may not
get this on the first time so I’ll just talk
you through it. You’re gonna inhale, halfway. Stand up tall. Pause, retain the breath. And then from here, keep inhaling all
the way up more air in. And then exhale
to let it all go. Okay? So once you start to catch on
you can give it your best shot. Inhaling halfway. Pause, retain. And then continue inhaling,
sipping air all the way in as you reach up and then
exhaling to let it go. So you may not be on my rhythm
so I’m going to let you give it a couple goes on your own. And you can play with how long
you retain that breath both at the halfway mark and at the top
once you start to get the hang of what you’re doing. Okay? Keep going. And wherever you are,
do one more. And when you do that final
exhale just imagine letting go of any stagnant energy. Anything that’s not serving you. Awesome and when you’re
done, we’re gonna meet here in a little superhero posture,
hands on the waist. So if you are a little tired
and that’s why you selected this video ground through
the feet even more. It seems a little
counterintuitive to put more energy into it when you’re
already low on energy but you want to set yourself up for
greatness and kind of tell the body and the brain that we’re
gonna move things along, right? If you’re feeling stuck, really
this is the best way to gently, and I do mean gently,
move forward. So start to activate
firmly through the legs. Draw energy up
through the arches. Take a deep breath in here and
exhale draw the elbows back. Twice more, inhale,
lift the chest. Exhale, draw the elbows back. Ooh, yeah. And one
more time, big breath in. Exhale, draw the elbows back. Great, pause here. Breathe in deeply. And exhale completely. Cool, from here try
to keep this retraction, your shoulder blades coming
together as you release the fingertips and
interlace behind your tail. Knuckles draw down and away and we keep that connection
through the legs. Imagine lifting up a bit in your
kneecaps so that your quadriceps are kind of active and toned. Cool then here comes a big
move so breathe deep and stay grounded through your feet. Again, nice action in the
legs as you lift your chest. Maybe send your gaze up towards
the sky or the third eye. And then slowly, you’re gonna
hinge at the hips nice and slow. Reaching forward,
sits bones reach back, heart reaches forward. Halfway. Long, beautiful neck here
and then slowly rise back up. Woo! Twice more. Inhale. Exhale. Heart reaches forward.
We go halfway. And then release. One more time, big inhale. Exhale, halfway and then this
time you’re gonna release the arms and allow them
to come to the earth. If you can’t get to the
earth you can grab a surface, maybe a couch or a table. Or you can just work on core
activation by bringing the palms together at your heart. Obviously, this
is your practice, your journey to finding what
feels good so you can take variations here of a twist. Maybe bringing
one hand to the earth and taking one up to the sky. You can also take
one hand to opposite leg and the other
hand to opposite leg. And then if you can see if you
can eventually allow the head to come down below
the heart as you ground through the feet
and breathe deep. Just getting a good flush here. Soft bend in the knees. You’re here for one more breath. You got it wherever you are. Even it out. And then ground
through the feet. Bring the hands back to the
waistline and with control slowly come up through
that flat back position and then all the way back. Whoa, and then just allow your
hands to come to your sides with a mindfulness and
feel that flush of energy. Cool, so from here you’re
gonna turn the right heel in. Should feel really good.
(sighs) And you’re gonna
turn the left heel in. Feet are strongly
planted to the earth still. Good, then you’re gonna inhale, send your fingertips
out left to right. And exhale,
bend your right knee. You can widen your
stance here if you need but it’s not necessary. Just find what feels good. Front knee not going
beyond that front ankle though. Okay, so now we’re
in a Warrior II or a version of Warrior II.
Pull the pinkies back. Inhale in. Exhale,
straighten the front leg, reach for the sky.
Palms kiss together. And again,
you can widen your stance to a full Warrior if you want. Inhale, Warrior II. Exhale, all the way up, reach. Once more, Warrior II. Keep breathing. Reaching up towards the sky. Now turn the right toes in. Left toes out. Take it to the other side. Warrior II and then reaching up. And I’ll let you actually
sync up with the breath whichever way that feels good. Point being that you
don’t have to be exact today, you just want to move your body
and kind of make it your own. So move with your breath. Expressing yourself is an
amazing way to get unstuck. So putting on some music, dancing while you
make your breakfast. Putting on some music
when you’re in the shower. And then the next time you
have straight legs and you’re reaching up you’re
gonna turn the left toes in, keep the right toes turned in. Just reconnect feet, reset. So both toes are turned in just
a bit and you’re gonna inhale in and then exhale,
rain the fingertips down so wiggle the fingertips. You’re gonna interlace and
then here’s a big power pose. Knuckles draw down and away as you lift your chest
up towards the sky. Inhale in. And then exhale to release
and you’re gonna walk to just a little bit wider
than hip width apart here. Then you knew it
was coming, right? We’re gonna do a variation
of Knocking on Heaven’s Door. So Knocking on Heaven’s Door,
soft bend in the knees and you’re just gonna start
to swing back and forth. Kind of slapping your
own (clicks tongue) booty. You can really
get into that too. Maybe this will
help you get unstuck. Just smack that… Butt. But then we’re gonna
take it one step further. Okay? Again, finding a
little self expression. I know this is like the most
annoying thing in the world. To some, not to all! Some people are like,
“Yes, let’s do it!” But this is gonna
help you get unstuck. I have no doubt. So you’re gonna
take this action here, again remember softness in the
knees and the same connection, awareness in the
feet you’ve had already. You’re gonna keep going.
We’re getting the blood flowing. We’re getting out of
our heads and in to my car. No, and into our bodies. Getting unstuck
and then here you go. You’re just gonna freeform here. So you might feel like a
fool and that’s the point. You’re gonna
move back and forth. Hear the music in your mind. Let it flow, let it be lyrical. Don’t worry about
what you’re doing. Just be mindful of your joints. Find your breath. If you want to take
a circle, a spin, one way and then
the other, you can. And then slowly
wind it back down. Come back to where you started. And notice how you feel. That wasn’t so scary, was it? Maybe. You’re doing great. From here bring
your hands to your sides, walk the feet together,
really together. Zip up tight through
the legs, inhale in. Exhale, you’re gonna
bend the knees. Send the
fingertips out in front. You’re gonna bring your
right arm underneath your left. Palms come together or maybe
pinky to thumb or you can just take it to a cool
yoga ninja posture. From here, sink a little
lower, lift the right leg up, cross it over the left. You can stay here or if you
want wrap the right foot behind, Eagle Posture. Inhale, lift your elbows up. Find your focus as you exhale. Sink a little deeper.
Focus down and in front. Keep breathing here. Eagle Pose. A variation is to just do the
arms and maybe bend the knees or you can even keep the legs
straight and just do the arms. Inhale in. Exhale, release,
hold on to your focus. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, release it down,
Mountain Pose. Bend the knees,
drop your center down. So now you know
where we’re headed so find your Drishti,
your focus. Beautiful. Then arms first, let’s
go left arm underneath. Sink deep. You can stay here or
left leg crosses up and over. Maybe wraps around. There’s no need, no real necessity to copy me, to emulate a posture
that you think is Eagle Pose. Just make it your own. You know your body. Listen and hold on to a
nice focus out in front as you breathe deep. Great. Inhale in. Exhale to unravel. Awesome, inhale, reach
the arms all the way up. And exhale, release
the fingertips down. Beautiful, bring the
hands to the heart. Anjuli Mudra. Interlace the fingertips. Inhale, send the index finger,
the steeple grip, all the way out. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, hands in
line with the heart. With your breath,
inhale, rise up. Exhale, hands in
line with the heart. Keep going. In this repetition,
each time see if you can find something new. Maybe feeling that
corset of the ribs. That loop of energy that
we’re always speaking about here in the community. Lifting up
through the front body. Grounding through the back body. As you inhale, you can
think of your belly long. And as you exhale,
you can think of the navel drawing back in
toward the spine. Let’s do three more. And after your three, release
your hands gently to your sides. Inhale, squeeze the
shoulders up to the earlobes and exhale, Tadasana. Just take a moment
to notice how you feel. Close your eyes. And then bring the
hands together at the heart, open the eyes. So if you need more,
you can rinse and repeat. You can repeat this sequence or
you can find another video that might feel good but I definitely
think that this is the beginning of something awesome
just doing this little bit. So take advantage
if you’re feeling it. Follow your heart. If you’re not already
subscribed to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube
channel, please subscribe. It’s the best way to support
the channel and share this one, this video with someone
who you think might benefit. Love you guys so much. Tell us how it went in the
comment section down below. From my heart to yours, Namaste. (gentle music)


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