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10 Winter Skincare Tips
[0:00:00] Winter is tough on your skin gentlemen. In today’s video, ten tips to winterize your
skin. [Music]
Tip number one. Cover your hands cover your face whenever
you’re outside and it’s cold. I know this sounds obvious, right? But, so many of us go outside and we don’t
wear gloves, we don’t cover our face with a scarf or protective, you know, face covering. And, yeah, it’s not that bad, it’s just for
a few minutes which ends up turning in a half an hour. You come in and you’ve just got wind burn
on your face which is actually that wind going across and simply pulling out the moisture. That’s what it’s doing that cold air lacks
moisture. So, you want to make sure when you go outside
cover yourself properly. Tip number two. Own a humidifier. Use your humidifier in your home in your bedroom
where you sleep at your office. What you’re shooting for is about 30 to about
45% humidity depends on, you know, what you like what is perfect for you. You go higher than that, you start going to
get condensation on the windows. But, in an environment that you can control
gentlemen make sure that you’ve got the right humidity settings. Drink a lot of water, more than average. Yes, during the summer you sweat, but during
the winter it is naturally coming off and it’s constant, so make sure to drink at least
eight glasses a day. Tip number four. Treat yourself to a spa. Yes, you heard me guys. Go to a spa and you may be saying, Antonio,
I’d never go to a place like that. We’ll think about this, you’ve got people
there you’ve got doctors you’ve got estheticians you’ve got professionals who have got twenty
to thirty years of experience looking at thousands of individuals and their skin issues and they
are helping them with these skin issues. So, don’t be so stubborn don’t be so close-minded
that you’re not willing to go in there and be pampered. Maybe get a massage, get that nice, you know,
where they put that mask on there re-moisturizing mask. I have a friend and he swears by it he loves
it and, yeah, so go treat yourself guys. Now, gents, there is a downside to go into
the spa, I know it can be expensive especially if you have some other treatments done. Let’s say you want to go in and get a, you
know, microdermabrasion. That’s basically where they go over with a
special tool and they’re removing dead skin cells. Now, you can actually do this at home with
PMD Man. I’m going to link to them down in the description. They’re the paid sponsor of today’s video. Guys, I have had an esthetician come in and
actually test this product, it’s good to go. So, if you’re already getting microdermabrasion
done at a spa, this is going to cost less than one treatment and you can do this at
home again and again. This is going to help remove dead skin cells
dull skin and it’s going to increase blood flow which then stimulates the body’s natural
production of collagen and elastin. Basically, it’s going to give you smoother
nicer looking skin. PMD Man it’s an at-home skin care tool that
provides the same results as professional in office microdermabrasion treatments. Basically, this tool combines skin exfoliation
with the vacuum suction. Now, guys, I’m going to link to them down
in the description with a great discount code. Use it or lose it, guys, it’s not going to
be there forever. Again, PMD Man, go check it out. Tip number five. Take cooler and shorter showers. I know this breaks my heart. I love a nice hot shower, but understand when
you take a scalding hot shower for thirty minutes you are just stripping away all the
oils. You take it for 20 minutes and it’s really
warm, it’s going to strip away all those oils. So, simply take shorter showers and use cooler
water, it’s going to do a better job of leaving on your natural oils. Now, with that and tip number six, simply
take less showers. So, if you do this I guess you could take
a hotter shower maybe once every other day versus I know some of you guys are showering
two to three times a day. Do you really need to? And I know maybe you’re going into the pool
and that’s something I get because chlorine will dry out your skin. So, if you’re going into the pool, definitely
shower and use some soap, but can you do it a little bit quicker can you use cooler water
and that with showering less is going to basically keep your skin a little bit a little bit more
moisturized during the winter. Tip number seven. Learn your moisturizers. So, there’s a lot of options out there for
moisturizers from lip balms to hand balms to basically face creams. Understand that there is a big difference
between petroleum-based products and those that use natural oils. You’re going to see a wide range. There are just way too many to get into this
video, but what I will say is try to lean towards the natural oils. Maybe spend a bit more money. The natural oils they’re actually going to
penetrate the skin, they contain like antioxidants other nutrients which are great for the skin. The petroleum products, I’m not going to say
that they’re bad and they’re oftentimes a lot cheaper, you’re going to see them out
there. But, the problem with petroleum products is
they just sit on the surface they actually, you know, they don’t want to go into the skin. If you have really, really bad lips, if that’s
all you have, then of course use it. But, when you’re looking for ChapSticks when
you’re looking for creams, when you’re looking for facial creams, again, you’re looking for
something that’s going to have natural ingredients. Another thing to look for is an SPF. Basically, you want sunproof protection and
you want to look for something at least an SPF 15 preferably a little bit higher for
your face and on your hands because, yes, it may be winter outside, but the sun is still
shining and it could still give you a sunburn and do damage. [0:05:06]
Next up, gents, up your intake of Omega oils. Basically, you’re looking for the food that’s
going into your body is going to basically come out and help moisturize your skin. So, what we’re going to be looking for are
fish like salmon, you’re also going to look at chia seeds maybe look at flax seeds, flax
seed oil, avocados, olives, pumpkin seeds, nuts. All of these are great sources of Omega-3
and Omega-6s which basically you’re going to keep your skin supple and hydrated especially
in the winter. So, I’m going to combine the next two winter
skin care tips because they have to do with men’s faces. So, first up, stop shaving. Yes, you heard me correctly, guys. Grow a beard. This is the perfect time that’s going to
keep you warmer. And, if you’re getting a lot of irritation
when you’re shaving in and around the face, you’re just getting it in and here around
the neck, why not try growing a beard this winter? But, let’s say you’re not the beard guy. Okay, well, continue to shave, but this next
tip is to learn to shave correctly. Focus in on your technique. Do you actually have a technique? Do you have a system that you go through when
you shave? Most men don’t, they just simply happen to
grab the razor that’s available and grab their shaving cream pretty much what is in there
and they just go about doing the job. They’ve never actually thought through the
process. So, when you’re going to shave properly, make
sure to first set the face. You want to give time for the hair to moisturize. I find for a lot of guys it’s better to shave
after you get out of the shower. If you want to shave before you get in the
shower, take a nice warm towel and give it about a minute and just give it a nice massage. That right there basically wetting up the
hair is going to make it much more supple much softer much easier. Next, look at your shaving cream. Make sure that you’re using something that
isn’t shooting out of a can. You want something that’s going to come out
of basically a container and it’s going to have natural ingredients. You’re going to put that on your face. And many options out there, but if the end
of the day, what you’re looking for to use something better to get a nice lubrication
on your face, then you bring out the razor. A wide variety of different razors you can
choose from, guys, from cartridge to safety to straight. But at the end of the day, find something
that you’re going to enjoy shaving with. And then, focus in on that technique. Most guys are shaving with two long strokes. You want to go for a number of just smaller
shorter strokes and rinse it off. Give yourself a little bit more time and you’re
going to find if you do that you’re going to get rid of a lot of irritation. Now, this next winter skin care technique
is going to tie closely what I just talked about with shaving. But, basically you want to take your after
shape that has alcohol and you want to ditch it for the winter. Why? Because alcohol is going to further dry out
the skin. Now, even if you’ve got the best shaving technique,
understand when you shave you do remove a basically layer of oil and your skin right
now is just it wants to be moisturized. So, put the aftershave to the side and simply
start to use a face moisturizer. There’s a small difference, aftershaves are
going to have basically antiseptics. And that was a big deal whenever men would
get deep cuts and they didn’t have access to, you know, good medical care. It’s less of a concern. Now, I still think it’s a great thing to have,
but not during the winter and not if it’s alcohol based. Instead, go with a cream something that’s
going to re-basically moisturize your face. Bonus tip. Improve your nighttime moisturizing routine. Oh, you don’t have one? Well, start, guys, because think about that
you lay in bed for six to eight hours. Hopefully you’re getting enough sleep. And this is a time when basically you can
put on a little bit more lotion on your face, you can let it go in there on your hands. It’s going to be a time you don’t have to
worry about, yes, getting that all over the place, you’re going into your bed by the morning
by the time you wake up a lot of its been absorbed most of it into your skin. And it’s just a great time to apply moisturizer. All right, gents, now it’s your turn, I want
to hear from you down in the comments what would you have added, what did I miss, what
are your secrets for keeping your skin looking great during the winter. And, gents, go check out PMD Man. So, if you’re already going to a spa if you’re
already getting microdermabrasion treatments done, you want to check this out. This is going to save you a lot of money and
I’ve got the link and the discount code for you right down there. Guys, I appreciate you. I appreciate everything we build here at Real
Men Real Style, so I’ll see you in the comments as you guys know like down there engaged with
you guys and learn from you. So, if you’ve got those secrets please let
me know. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:09:14] End of Audio

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