10 Warning Signs You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome

10 Warning Signs You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome

Hi there. Eric Bakker, naturopathic from New Zealand,
thanks for checking out my video. We’re going to talk about leaky gut today. We’re going to talk about the ten warning
signs that you may have leaky gut. I just spent about a good half an hour on
the internet having a look at what I could find on leaky gut. You know, is it true? Is it real? Is it a fictitious disease? Is it something we think about that’s all
in our head? Or is it actually a problem in our digestive
system? Is it some made up phony kind of a disease
that people profit from? Is there any base in science for leaky gut
or what we call intestinal permeability? There’s a ton of stuff on the internet that’s
validated in science. In fact, I just had a look at the US National
Library of Medicine, the National Institute of Health. I’ve also looked at PubMed. So these are published medical studies. I’ve looked also at CINAHL and InBase, and
various other medical databases with credible published research. On this one here, the US National Library
of Medicine, I found over 500 studies. These are scientific studies. These are not studies that come out of some
place like Las Vegas or something, some fake place. This is actual real stuff. But then, if you go to Wikipedia, and you
actually believe Wikipedia, they call intestinal permeability a fake disease that has no existence
in science at all. So who do you believe? Do you believe Wikipedia? Well, I don’t really believe Wikipedia at
all, folks. And in fact, a lot of the stuff I read on
Wikipedia to me is purely setup with pharmaceutical interests, to be perfectly honest. I’ve given up on Wikipedia. I think it’s a very biased website. If you actually have a look at the scientific
research, you will find a ton of credible stuff supporting intestinal permeability. So don’t make a mistake. You’re going to get told, by one you know,
community the medical community, that this condition is completely fictitious that it’s
propagated by nutritionists and by people like me. And then, you know, you’re going to hear from
people like me that it does exist. You’re going to make up your own mind. But I can tell you now, this condition is
very real. In fact, the study I just looked at said they
believe that most autoimmune diseases have their genesis or their origin in intestinal
permeability. So, that’s very, very interesting when you
read that. I’ve got a 1930’s medical textbook where they
said that autoimmune disease comes from some pathogen, some bug. They knew it back then, but they didn’t know
about intestinal permeability. You can please watch my other videos on leaky
gut. What it is, the causes, the diagnosis, how
it can be discovered, you know, and what you can do about it. But now, I am going to talk about the ten
warning signs that you may well have intestinal permeability or leaky gut syndrome. I first knew about leaky gut probably in the
mid-nineties, but when I read this book: “The Four Pillars of Healing,” by Leo Galland. So Dr. Galland is a New York physician, very
very clever guy and still alive today. I believe he is quite elderly by now but Dr.
Galland really inspired me to do a lot more work with stool testing and digestive work. Which I really started doing in the nineties,
a lot more than I did previous. And since then, well the rest is history. I’ve completed now many thousands of stool
tests. I’ve also completed well over a thousand intestinal
permeability tests with people and have discovered to my amazement how many people actually really
have intestinal permeability. It’s phenomenal how many people have it. And it generally comes about through stress,
poor diet, and also medications. There are many drugs that are properly prescribed
and taken according to a physician that cause intestinal permeability. There are many drugs that cause this, even
drugs like acetaminophen. Drugs like proton pump inhibitors, like, you
know that block acid in the stomach. Many, many drugs. Antibiotics are a prime cause of intestinal
permeability. But what are the warning signs? What are some of the tell-tale things that
think I’ve got a problem and it needs really sorting out? Well, the first one, I’ve got my little cheat
sheet here. The first one is going to be a problem with
your bowel of course. It’s going to be gas, it’s going to be bloating,
it’s going to be constipation or diarrhea. So if you’ve got an ongoing problem with your
gut, if you don’t have that nice regular bowel motion every single day. Preferably two bowel motions but one good
motion. If you’re not passing out, you know, a good
ten to twelve inches of stool everyday, very easy elimination, it could be a big chance
that you’ve got intestinal permeability. Then don’t immediately think, well Dr. Bakker
said that I, you know, he says in another video I’ve got candida constipation or he
says in another video I’ve got peristaltic constipation. That’s true. But one of the chief hallmark symptoms that
we find in warning signs of a leaky gut or problem with the permeability of the small
bowel is a dysfunctional stool. A poor ability to pass out a good motion. So that’s the number one. But let’s go through the list and I want you
to get a feel for these ten different things here to see if you, you know have maybe several
of these. And maybe this may warrant for you to investigate
a bit further. The second one is a poor immune system function. Now this can be throughout the body, not just
in the gut. Because remember, a large proportion of the
immune system resides in the small intestine. The first three inches or seventy-five millimeters
of the small bowel, in fact, is holding around about sixty to seventy percent of the body’s
entire immune function. So, if you’ve got permeability or leakiness
of the small bowel, there’s a big chance you’ve got a dysfunctional immune system. So how’s that going to present itself? It’s going to present itself in increased
ability to get acute infectious disease. Increased chances of getting a candida overgrowth,
parasite problem, a bacterial overgrowth, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and
intestinal permeability go hand in hand. Very very common to find them together. So when the bowel becomes very dysfunctional. When you’re going to get an increased ability
of the small bowel to leak, bacteria or undigested food particles these are like micro, microscopic
particles are leaking through, there’s a big chance that you’re going to get a problem
with your immune system. And that can present itself in many, many
ways and some of these ways we’re frankly going to talk about today in this video. So, poor immune function. Headaches, aches and pains especially in the
head like downing pains or head pain in general, brain fog, memory. So really problems in the head. When you get a lot of these problems, it can
very well be tied up with your small bowel. I cannot tell you in my clinic experience,
how many people I’ve seen that the brain fog disappeared, the headaches went away, they
just felt a lot happier inside their head when their bowel improved, particularly their
small bowel. I’ve seen a massive correlation with stool
testing with lack of good bacteria and headaches. I’ve seen a very, very big link with lack
of bifidobacteria in the colon and cognitive dysfunction in people. You know brain fog, can’t think clearly, memory
loss, confusion. Even people younger than me. You know people in their 30’s and 40’s that
felt really washed out, almost stoned. And their stool test showed problems. When we corrected that, and got their small
bowel in particular working better, the large bowel improved, the brain function improved. Headaches can also be of course you know,
in my case years ago, could be a visual problem. It could be the spectacles aren’t really right,
it could be some issues going on. So, headaches need checking out. But in many cases, headaches are linked to
small intestinal permeability. Number four, nutritional deficiencies. Well it stands to reason that if you’ve got
a leaky gut, and you’re not breaking down and absorbing, and digesting and absorbing
nutrition properly, you’re going to have a problem with your health. And if we extrapolate that, if we pull that
through, that can work in a myriad of ways in terms of its effect on your health. Often it will lead to what we’re going to
talk about in number five, fatigue. Fatigue is often a consequence of nutritional
deficiency. So, your cells become starved. They are not getting the gas or the fuel they
need to function properly. Now that could be a lack of any kind of a
nutrient. So nutrition, proper digestion absorbing is
very much dependent on the health of the small intestine. So nutritional deficiencies is very common
when it comes to leaky gut. You’re not breaking food down properly. You’re leaking, you know, for example, very
small fragments of carbohydrate or protein through. They’re not being digested and absorbed properly. That’s going to cause a lot of problems. And again, I’m not talking out of, you know,
my backside. I’m not. Because there is actually plenty of scientific
research that you can look up. And you know, through the National Institute
of Health, Cornell University, there are many universities now that have done scientific
research into fatigue, nutritional deficiencies and intestinal permeability. Everything I’m telling you today is based
on science, its not the woo woo factor. It’s not tarot card reading. This is actual science. So, I want you to keep that in mind. So far, we’ve talked about the bowel problems,
number one. Poor immune function, number two. Headaches, brain fog memory, number three. We’ve talked about nutritional deficiency,
number four. Now we’re talking about fatigue. So tiredness is a very, very big red flag
for intestinal permeability. Tiredness can also mean adrenal problem, a
thyroid problem or endocrine imbalance or hormonal imbalance. So you will often, you know, if you’re tired
consistently tired you need to get blood testing done. You need to get salivary cortisol testing
done. You need to get some test done to determine
where the fatigue is. For example, you could be a female who has
lost a lot of blood through menstruation or child-birth. You could lack of iron. You know, so, it needs checking out. But I very commonly associate fatigue with
a problem in the small intestine very much. Number six, skin rashes. Acne, eczema, acne rosacea, psoriasis. Again, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve
seen people’s skin improve beautifully. Very, very nice skin when we repair the small
intestine. When we got the bacteria back, when we got
the candida going, when we started giving probiotic foods to enhance the proliferation
of good bacteria. When the person was eating lots and lots of
good vegetables and foods containing soluble and insoluble fibers to really feed out the
bacteria and improve transit time. When the bowel functions well, it can get
food in there, break it down, absorb it, you know, the nutrition it needs from it. Then excrete the waste that it doesn’t need. Toxic bile comes down then and helps to get
rid of a lot of junk, too. So bowel motions are important. Bacteria are important and they prevent the
reabsorption or uptake of garbage or crap. Again because the bowel can absorb stuff very
very efficiently. Many people I talk to who’ve got a slow transit
time and poor bowel function often have skin rashes. So remember, you can’t produce good bowel
function unless you’ve got good small bowel function. And when we talk about intestinal permeability,
we talk about the small bowel not the large bowel. So, if you got a problem upstream, its going
to effect downstream. Alright? So, if you got a skin problem, ask yourself
this question: do I have any kind of a digestive problem? If you can tick that box, you need to get
the digestion fixed and then watch what happens to the skin. Number seven, cravings, often for sugar. So again, if your body is starved, if it’s
tired, if it’s not getting the fuel it needs, it’s going to want energy. And where does it get it from? Dr. Pepper, or a Mars bar, or you know, some
candy, or some ice cream. It’s going to go for sugar. So craving for sugar can also be a sign of
intestinal permeability. Number eight, joint pains and arthritis. So, toxic buildup again in the body of deposits
around the joints you know. Also the joints and connective tissue may
not be getting the right food it needs to regenerate and repair and rebuild. And again, this comes back to point number
four, nutritional deficiency. So, joint pain and arthritis don’t need to
be a consequence of getting older like me. Because I’ll be sixty soon and I’ve got no
joint pain at all, no muscle pain, no pain at all. So, I see people my age sometimes you know
taking all kinds of pills for arthritis. If they got their kidneys functioning better
and their bowel functioning better, and ate good healthy food especially alkaline, you
know, kind of vegetables and fruits, they wouldn’t have this kind of joint pain or arthritis. So again, ask yourself this question: have
I got joint pain or arthritis? Have I got any kind of digestive problem? Do I have point number one, constipation,
gas or bloating? Do I have poor immune functioning? And do I have any headache or fatigue? Or aches and pains? If you can tick those boxes get the digestion
fixed. Number nine, mood disorders, anxiety and depression. Small intestine is very very now much linked
up with mood disorders. We know that because of the production of
many beneficial neurotransmitters that aid in this area. So we believe now, or I personally believe
that in the future, the psychiatrists of tomorrow is gonna be the microbiologist. The person who understands the gut function
to a higher level and understands the bacteria and the ability to build them up. Will understand that there is a very positive
influence on the gut and the mood. So again, ask yourself the question. If you’ve got anxiety and depression. Have you taken antibiotics and things weren’t
right since? Have you got a bowel problem? Have you got poor immune system function? Have you got skin rashes or cravings for sugar? If you can tick these boxes, you may need
to look at the gut. And the last one, the most common one we see
is autoimmunity. So when the body actually starts attacking
itself, when it sets about the immune system on joints or muscles or nerve fibers or different
parts of the body, there will be something that’s causing it. So autoimmunity is very much validated with
leaky gut. I’ve got a paper here in front of me I’m going
to read a little section out of it its called, “Alterations in Intestinal Permeability.” And it’s a 2006 study, Drs. Arrieta, Bistritz
and Dr. Meddings. This was published in a gut journal in 2006. Now let’s just cut to the chase. We’re going down to the bottom of the article. Let’s have a look here. I’m just going to read this out for you. “For decades a variety of pathological states
have been associated with abnormal intestinal permeability. Many of these are a consequence of the intestinal
epithelial damage that is associated with the disease but not involved in a causal manner
in the genesis of the disease. However, in several autoimmune diseases it
appears that increased intestinal permeability is a constant and early feature of the disease
process. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly apparent
that in some conditions increased permeability is critical to development of disease and
if it is abrogated the disease does not develop.” So what they are trying to say here basically
is there’s a definitely a link between autoimmune disease now and intestinal permeability. Many many men and women I see my age, even
younger who develop autoimmunity have had a leaky gut for years and years that was never
resolved. Because, remember, according to doctors, it’s
a fictitious disease. It doesn’t exist. Alright? But here we’ve got science validating its
does exist but the medical profession say it’s a load of baloney. You make up your own mind. Thanks for tuning in.


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