10 Warning Signs of Gluten Intolerance Everyone Ignores!

10 Warning Signs of Gluten Intolerance Everyone Ignores!

Gluten is part of our daily lives, due to
the large number of foods that contain gluten that we eat every day. We do this without realizing how much gluten
we are ingesting. Breads, cakes, pizza, pastas, cookies, and
biscuits all contain gluten—and there are many more also. Without a doubt foods that contain gluten
are among the most consumed foods all over the world. I mean, who doesn’t like pasta, right? Meanwhile a lot of people are allergic or
intolerant to gluten without realizing it. Few people know what gluten really is and
where it’s found. Generally speaking, gluten consumption by
those who are intolerant to it brings about very diverse symptoms, and in many cases,
they are interpreted as signs of other diseases. This obviously can lead to various errors
in diagnoses and a ton of misinformation. Then, what exactly is gluten? It’s the mixture of proteins that are specifically
found in the formation of grains such wheat, rye, and barley. Because many foods are made from these grains,
including healthy foods such as cereal bars, gluten is widely found in our food chain. Knowing that gluten is, is an important step
in improving your quality of life; however, some of the symptoms of a gluten allergy or
intolerance are so common that many people don’t even realize they are allergic or
intolerant to gluten. Besides that, few people know the name associated
with gluten intolerance, and are therefore unable to seek treatment or change their eating
habits. Have you ever heard of Celiac Disease? This sickness is an autoimmune condition that
affects people with hypersensitivity to gluten. Understand this—Celiac Disease can only
be diagnosed with a blood test, but gluten intolerance is a very common condition. Let’s learn about the ten most common symptoms
related to a gluten allergy, in order to understand the best way to create a routine to avoid
gluten. 1. Digestive problems Slow digestion or indigestion is one of the
main symptoms of gluten intolerance and/or Celiac Disease. It’s important to be especially alert to
constant flatulence, stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea. 2. Headache One sign of possible gluten intolerance is
chronic headaches, especially after eating anything with gluten in it. This is not a symptom closely linked to Celiac
Disease, but it is a good indication of whether you are intolerant to gluten. Try to pay attention whether or not the pain
starts after eating foods with gluten. 3. Chronic Weakness Constant fatigue, without having performed
any physical exercise, is a strong indication of gluten intolerance as well as for Celiac
Disease. 4. Mental Confusion Gluten intolerance can cause confusion, dizziness,
and difficulty concentrating. Be aware, as these are also symptoms associated
with fatigue, stress or aging. 5. Joint Pain Gluten intolerance causes inflammation in
various parts of the body, especially in the joints. 6. Immune System Problems Immune system failures can be consequences
of a gluten intolerance. With Celiac Disease, the clearest symptom
is anemia, which also damages the immune system. 7. Depression Gluten intolerance is also harmful to people
who have depression because it intensifies the symptoms of anxiety, irritability, and
sudden mood swings. 8. Skin Lesions For people who have Celiac Disease, skin lesions
such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis and others, are very clear symptoms of the disease. These symptoms also appear in people with
a gluten intolerance, but to a lesser degree. 9. Tooth Decay When the person has a gluten intolerance,
the teeth are weakened and there is a greater chance of cavities. 10. Hormonal Disorders Hormones can also be severely affected in
people with an intolerance to gluten. In cases of Celiac Disease, a very rapid increase
or decrease in weight may be symptomatic of estrogen levels which are out of control. So periodic hormone-level tests are very important. What to do if you have Celiac Disease and/or
gluten intolerance? If you notice more than one of these symptoms
in your daily routine, the first step is to pay a visit to your doctor and ask him to
order multiple tests. Ask specifically for him to run the test for
Celiac Disease. After diagnosis, be prepared to eliminate
gluten from your daily diet. If the symptoms are extremely bothersome,
you can also do a simple test: Eat a gluten-free diet for a while and check for improvement
in your condition. If you feel better, just confirm the diagnosis
with the doctor so you can continue your treatment.


  • Mary McLean says:

    It is likely that Monsanto's herbicide RoundUp ingredient, glyphosate, is what is behind gluten intolerance.

  • YahsHart Hart says:

    Thank you for this video, it is very helpful because my doctor told me that although I do not have Celiac disease but I do show some of the signs and that I need to cut back on things with glutin, thank you

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    Screw the Dr bills! Just don't eat gluten!?

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    these symptoms sound very similar to thyroid disorders or diabetes

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    i have 6/10 of these symptoms, should i be concerned ?

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    wheat , barley, rye, oats – all of them have gluten in them , which is a complicated protein that Is hard to digest.

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  • Shon Mitchell says:

    Thanks for sharing this.  I know there must be so many people who are suffering from tiredness, confusion and depression just like I was but don't know why.  Hopefully, this will help many others find the cause…gluten.

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    I have most of these symptoms. Got tested today and should hear next week if Celiacs. I have cut out gluten and viola- feeling much better. but I am older and afraid that the damage of eating gluten for 63 years may be detrimental to my life span.

  • Ender Xanderion says:

    Oh no, I have gluten intolerance. Depression is still control me and I began to think adults stuff like birth control or sexual stuff even im 15!!!! I want it to stop!!!!!!!!

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    Headache was mines!!!!! it was some awful headaches

  • Maddi Kitten says:

    I have gluten sensativity but my grandma who controls everything I eat refuses to take gluten out of my diet. Everything we have has some sort of bread in it… And she will not buy what I need.

    Ps: I'm unable to buy things on my own because my grandma will get angry if I don't take her. I don't feel like dealing with her behavior.

  • Diane Bingham says:

    Cereal bars are not a healthy food.

  • CJGfarm says:

    Celiac disease diagnosed with a simple blood test? That's wrong. I was told a stomach biopsy is the only test. I refused to do the biopsy (because it was going to be done in an outpatient clinic and I had real concerns over the anesthesia being used). So instead, my gastrointerologist called for thousands of dollars of other tests, including genetic tests, tests for vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, and blood and fast secretions in the stool, and guess what the results determined? "We still don't know if you are celiac or gluten intolerant." Time and money wasted.

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  • Alida Boettcher says:

    Basic preventative living is widening our starch bases. In Southern Africa we have maize (corn). Regularly eating maize porridge does many good things for health.

  • Kingdomall says:

    I am definitely not weak to gluten

  • Angie Smith says:

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  • Jamie Cee49 says:

    I was trying Low Carb for a week. Only made it 4 days. lol. But I did noticed my symptoms of allergies, stomach pain, headaches was getting less. Then I went back to eating gluten for 2 days. I was so sick. I do have most of these symptoms. I don't get depressed. I also noticed my heal wasn't hurting as bad too. Today I had some gluten foods. And I didn't feel good. Headache, sinuses. So back with no gluten tomorrow. You can do a test on your own and keep a diary. Which I am doing. 🙂 I am diabetic and have an underactive thyroid condition.

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  • Nathalie • GlutenFreeMe says:

    I had so many symptoms of this list! First I didn’t know that I had an allergy. I thought: I’m just a weak person that’s always ill. I have been walking around for years like that. I’m happy that I finally found out what’s the reason! This video is great! People can discover their gluten allergy faster!👍

  • Krista says:

    My sister was recently diagnosed with celiak desease. She has had awful stomic pains for more than a year, acne for many years, she hasn't been growing mutch in lenght or weight in about five years and shes only 17 (everyone in our family is avarege hight 1.69 meters and above, but shes only 1.52). She was sent from one doctor to another and back for a year and finaly se did the tests, that diagnosed her. Dotctors told her that the pain should be gone in a half year, she can not eat ANYTHING that has gluten in it, and if she woud continue to consume gluten she most likely wold develope diabetes and most definetly would risk of never being able to consive children.

  • Chriss Pepper says:

    I know that I'm gluten intolerant, because I feel like a million because when I don't eat gluten and absolute rubbish when I do (plus I don't poop for a week) but yet have to find a single doctor who doesn't say to me that gluten intolerance isn't a thing and it's all in my head. Horay to the medical faculty! Same goes for things like Adrenal fatigue and lots of others.

  • Shira Kimhi says:

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease and I am not eating gluten for over two years and I still have most of these symptoms

  • Bye B says:

    "Including healthy foods like cereal bars" HAHA WTF are you kidding me

  • Mollie Baker says:

    I’ve though for a while that I might have a gluten intolerance. I have all these symptoms. So now I’m even more sure that I do. I seriously need to see a doctor, very soon! This was very helpful! Thank you!

  • MisterMeanieFace says:

    Not to be a dick but "gluten intolerance" has no scientific basis. Literally none. Humans can have celiac disease and that's it. Some races have more difficulty breaking down wheat than others but it's due to adaptation, it doesnt actually cause any ill side effects. It's an extremely misunderstood subject with a lot of false facts. Lots of homeopaths and alternative lifestyle people seem to adapt these notions even though it literally isnt true. But then again these same people think putting a crystal out on a full moon and doing yoga next to It can cure cancer so…🤷‍♀️

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    I am allergic to
    And wheat

  • Kimberly Cooper says:

    Celiac disease has at least 300 possible symptoms that range from innocuous to serious. Many symptoms are caused because celiac disease causes a person's villi to be damage. Damaged villi are unable to do their job of absorbing nutrients. That leads to deficiencies of various vitamins, minerals, and/or other nutrients. Google to find the symptoms of vitamin, mineral, and other nutrients and you will know possible symptoms of celiac disease.

  • Ash Dee says:

    Gluten has the word "glu" in it and there is a good reason for that. It literally STICKS to your digestive system, preventing you from absorbing nutrients and causing mass inflammation. Gluten and dairy are the tastiest poisons ever made.

  • Marco Elizeo Jose says:

    Do oatmeal have gluten?

  • meeca says:

    Celiac actually can’t be diagnosed through a blood test, you must go through a biopsy to see if you truly have it.

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    One of the best video about Gluten intolerance. Thanks.

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    fuck…i think i am gluten intolerant. I love foods that contains gluten😢

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    Cereal bars healthy? That’s a joke.

  • GamingWith Real says:

    i’m eating bread with nutella, why does my teeth hurt!!!

  • ToriW says:

    it's worth noting that if you go gluten free before diagnosis, you will have to eat gluten again (approx 2 slices of bread everyday) for 6 weeks before getting tested. If you are eating gluten free, the test will not be able to detect the signs of your body reacting to gluten.

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