10 Tips That Worked For Me To Make My Hair Grow Fast- How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Thicker

10 Tips That Worked For Me To Make My Hair Grow Fast- How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster  And Thicker

who hasn’t head of hair loss care all of
us at some point start to fear that we might be losing too much hair while most
of the time it’s just a false alarm and our hair’s routine shedding in some
cases it is more than that but what could be causing the unexpected hair
loss today’s video will discuss causes and simple tips for reducing hair fall
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the first to know when we post new videos daily if you have been
experiencing hair fall and have reason to believe that it’s not just your
shedding cycle the first thing to do would be to find out what’s causing the
problem what causes hair fall causes the hair fall vary from person to person
while in some cases external factors might be responsible issues such as some
serious medical conditions lack of nutrition and heredity are also leading
causes of baldness in most patients check out some of the top factors that
might cause premature hair loss in women one hereditary factors baldness is often
passed down through genes if your parents have a hair loss problem it is
likely that you will as well while this is more evident in men women to suffer
from genetically inherited alopecia to physical and mental stress persistent
illness drastic and excessive weight loss and extreme physical labor can
cause the body to get dehydrated and exhausted this can make the hair
follicles undernourished and weak and cause rapid hair loss three scalp
infection fungal bacterial and viral infections like celery a dermatitis and
psoriasis in the scalp can weaken the roots and damage hair follicles thereby
causing thinning breakage and hair fall for over processing and styling while
everyone want their hair to look on point all the
time going overboard with chemical hair treatments and hot styling tools can
lead to hair fall 5 iron deficiency anemia and blood loss deficiency of red
blood cells in the body sudden loss of blood and insufficient iron levels in
the body cause not only fatigue weakness and headaches but also hair loss simple
tips for reducing hair fall we know that dealing with hair fall can be
overwhelming but there are things you can do to curb hair fall problem here
are simple tips that really help one use the right comb combing your hair can be
a nightmare when you are dealing with hair loss this can be made easier by
using the right combs use a wooden wide tooth comb to untangle your hair you can
use your regular brush after this this will reduce breakage and hair loss from
pulling to wash your hair thrice a week wash your hair at least once every three
days with a gentle care cleanser or Shampoo to remove all the accumulated
dust dirt oil and bacteria buildup keep it clean at all times to avoid hair fall
from clogged follicles 3 style it right do not subject your hair to frequent
chemical treatment excessive blow-drying ironing and coloring as it can lead to
hair loss if you color your hair and have been facing hair fall issues it
would be a good idea to take a short break before you put any more chemicals
in your hair avoid hair styles like Tyson ponytails
pigtails or braids on a daily basis using hair elastics to pull back hair
tightly can cause hair fall for natural treatments the ingredients from your
kitchen can be a lot of help when you are looking for remedies for hair fall
ingredients like coconut oil onion ginger etc have amazing properties that
help promote hair growth 5 yoga and exercise you’d be surprised at how much
stress can contribute towards hair fall and nothing relieves stress as well as
physical activity does regular exercise like yoga
can go a long way in reducing stress and helping curb hair fall in fact there are
certain yoga exercises the specially target reducing hair fall which method
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