#1 Food You Must Avoid When Healing From Psoriasis

#1 Food You Must Avoid When Healing From Psoriasis

What’s up world? It’s Jumaane. Just a little update here. This is my second and a half week. My first video was about a week in. As you can see, I have healed up quite a lot. I’m still dry in some areas. At least on my face I have. On my body it did get a lot worse. To tell you the truth, it got A LOT WORSE. Between that week, to two weeks. But, now I’ve gone over the total flare up
and as long as I keep on going with a good diet… With the holidays I did eat a little bit better…
or worse[laughing], but no other flare-ups have happened place in my body or on my body. My face is looking good. I just wanted to tell you guys the Number
One you want to avoid while you are healing from psoriasis is tomatoes. Tomatoes. It might be something you’d think would be
simple to avoid, but tomatoes is everywhere. It’s not only tomato slices in your sandwiches. It’s in your sauces. So if you think about spaghetti…pizza. You love pizza? You got to stay away from those tomatoes and
think about the sauces. You know, one night eating dinner and A-1
sauce popped up. I looked on the back for the ingredients and
there was tomato sauce. So look closely in the ingredient section
and make sure there’s no tomatoes, because tomatoes have an enzyme in them, that does
not do really well…actually it destroys our body, people that are battling psoriasis. So do your best to stay away from tomatoes
and I’ll be going over some other helpful tips here in the next few videos. Until next time y’all. Peace.


  • S p r u n g t o l says:

    Avoid salt, MSG, beef meat, deli meat, tomato sauce, food preservatives, mayonnaise, carbohydrate foods, too much fried foods, too much sugar, alcohol, coffee. Instead pump up with lots of vegetabbles and fruits. If you need red meat, eat goat meat and fats only. Or lamb, deer meat. Its Ok. Trust me, psoriasis will be gone gradually starting with itchiness is gone bit by bit day by day. Until one day, you don't have flare-ups although you eat these trigger foods. It works for me. Especially eat lots of goat fats can moisturize your dry skin back to normal state. Good luck, my friend.

  • Romaine Athey says:

    Check WooPep handbook if you want to learn about diets much much more.

  • summer summer says:

    I think the one thing we are truly looking for has already been right under our nose…
    I hope you get well soon

  • ElusiveMusicBox says:

    Biggest triggers are dairy, eggs & red meat. I stopped consuming these foods and my psoriasis was almost gone. Eat lots of veggies and fruits n workout daily

  • wilwad says:

    We don't all have the same triggers guys. I don't consume meat, dairy, mayonnaise, tomatoes etc but am still in psoriasis hell

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