💧Top Serums & Moisturizers for Dry and Dehydrated Skin 💧Hydrating vs Moisturizing

💧Top Serums & Moisturizers for Dry and Dehydrated Skin 💧Hydrating vs Moisturizing


  • Black Rapunzel says:

    I use the Hado labo premium toner (it has five kinds of hyaluronic types with different molecular weight to penetrate better) as a serum hydrater and the Physiogel series (its has no parabens and fragrances or blah blah is also comedogenic and it is formulated for sensitive extremely sensitive dry and normal skin its in short A HEAVEN) as the moisturiser both are BOMB and affordable so i highly recommend these to people who cant afford the ones listed above.

  • dodo yasin says:

    love you please translate arbic no understand all English thank you

  • Pre says:

    Do you have any video for sunscreen for dry/dehydrated skin type? 😊

  • LILITH Goddesses 93369 says:

    What’s your favorite serum ???

  • Noni Lim says:

    Hi Rowena, have you ever compare la roche posay hyaluronic + b5 serum with the ordinary hyaluronic + b5? Because the price range is quite far. Do they give the same effect? Thank you…

  • Nancy says:

    Love your channel. Can you ladies do a video for mature skin dry skin? Would love to see one!

  • Rashida Fatima says:

    Iam having psoriasis and it hurts a lot. May b these body lotions will help me. Plz make some affordable makeup also for my skin type. Thanks alot

  • 4pastelribbons says:

    i was wondering if i could apply moisturizers like make prem on my eczema for that hydration?

  • Ely Rojas says:

    Thanks a lot, this was so helpful👏👏 i like that you mentioned a great variety of products

  • Peachie pie says:

    that FAB face moisturizer is incredible, i have extremely dry skin too and it works great!

  • Aimon k.b says:

    Hey i used the pyunkang yul essence toner and then apply klairs rich moist soothing cream my skin becomes red can u please tell me which moisturizer should i use with this toner

  • MsChaosDancer says:

    I would love to know where facial hair removal fits in to the skincare routine. Thanks.

  • rokline says:

    Within just 2 times of applying this eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Google it), I have viewed worthwhile results already. It is already been a couple of months since I got this conditions, and I also could acknowledge this manual is greater compared to medicated steroid products which I have got utilized.. .

  • Tonya Bishop says:

    My skin is dehydrated oily so would I still follow the dehydrated method?

  • Anna Szalay says:

    You should try the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense cream!
    I have super dry skin that gets uncontrollably tight and flaky during winter time and the only cream that ever worked for me was this. I think you should definitely give it a go!

  • Sfeli Ob says:

    I would like a video on how to remove these horrible dark spots. and how to know if I have oily or dry skin

  • Gina Galaviz says:

    Very helpful 🙌🏻

  • Melissa Wong says:

    video request: how do you manage keratosis pilaris 🙁 i've suffered it all my life.. its my biggest insecurity – who knows if it will ever go away

  • Hi Bye says:

    Koreans tend to hydrate their skin more thats why its beautiful ,

  • Alex says:

    Caffeine, like coffee can flush out a lot of water and lead to dehydration.

  • Wan Ting says:

    Hello! Could you do a video on body care? I have keratosis pilaris and nothing I have tried could diminish them

  • Audrey Moss says:

    try in shower lotions, i’m telling you they saved my life (i still apply some lotion after but it helps to keep as much water in as possible)

  • Reed Frazel says:

    What’s the link to the previous video about oily skin?

  • Ezcanor says:

    Can men use these female serums and moisturizers? Just wanna ask cause I haven't seen many men asking. And I really care about my skin and improving it.

  • Haley McLain says:

    Damn, I really wanted to try the la roche posay b5 but it has denatured alcohol as the third ingredient 😢 🙁 their toleriane cleanser is amazing though and doesn't contain alcohol

  • jeanne fregil says:

    Would love for you guys to talk about normal skin types too.

  • riri says:

    you are so pretty, porcelain skin too!

  • Marina Maz says:

    Just found your channel and I LOVE IT!!! Just what I need! You girls are amazing, keep up the good work <3

  • bhavya jaitly says:

    I have rosacea. I was wondering if you guys could make something on the topic please?! It would be deeply appreciated!!

  • Miley Vargas says:

    I have dry skin but my nose has texture & blackheads 😭 so I don't know how to fix it since most products for blackheads dry out my skin badly

  • Schnitzelmann9 says:

    I'm a dude with with super dry and sensitive skin. You guys have been helping me out so much trying to get my skin under control.

  • DearAlekkz says:

    This was the most educational video I've ever seen in my life!! I've suffered from what I thought was dry skin but my skin's actually dehydrated!!! I've tried so many serums and toners and moisturizers… now I know what I need to keep my skin hydrated <3 thank you so much.

  • Rachel Rose says:

    8:24 Product Recommendations

  • teenquey says:

    hey u forgot to mention Mizon in your caption

  • Jessica Sebastião says:

    I've noticed that my t zone is significantly more oily then the rest of my face and I think it's because I've been using products for dry skin all over my face. So I think I'll either get a lighter moisturiser or a seperate product to moisturise in that area

  • Chaudry says:

    What do you think about ALPHA-H Daily Essential Moisturiser 50ml SPF 50 for dry skin?

  • Wonnie K. says:

    I LOVE aveeno too! It’s the ONLY THING that helped my damaged skin barrier and eczema prone skin. I use the regular lotion to maintain and the eczema therapy cream on my face and when I really need a boost. It has a lot of panthenol in it and it’s very very moisturizing. I love CeraVe things as well, and use that when I don’t need a lot. I use tretinoin so my skin gets really dry.

  • Vivien Pollreisz says:

    If you want to go quickly to the recommended products : 8:30

  • emily // sunnysidesire says:

    8:42 since it’s so expensive(at least for me) does anybody know how long it will last? i don’t want to pay for something that’s $30 and won’t last very long :))

  • jayye05 says:

    Would you use the b5 serum before or after vit c serum?

  • Vaness Dee says:

    I want Mia on every videos! It’s been like 8mos ago her last vid 😫

  • Melisa Rocha says:

    Wait, I have dry skin but when it's cold I get dry patches , so what kind of mosturizing I need?, The oil one or the water one?, cause I've been using the Neutrogena hydro boost

  • Rifa sain says:

    As a world, we're fucked up!!

  • Chanel H says:

    I ♥️ Rowena so much 😭

  • Ganaa J says:

    I am so obsessed with your videos. We have same types of skin. Does anyone who has dry skin use Thayers witch hazel toner? I am using that and i just saw dry skin need to avoid witch hazel. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Deborah Jiggens says:

    🤣 how funny is your background sounds are especially the one that sounds like someone sneezing 🤧

  • Deborah Jiggens says:

    Thank You for Great tips 😘You are awesome lady’s

  • DarkMagicianGirl says:

    I know I am 3 months too late to ask this! I want to know what eyeshadow and lippie used you used!

  • savalos2121 says:

    Hi ladies! Can you do a review on the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum please

  • bahar hamraz says:

    So helpful

  • bahar hamraz says:

    You guys are so honest

  • Dawn Baby says:

    Hi, would you say the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner would be more beneficial for my dry and dehydrated skin than the Hadalabo Premium hyaluronic solution? The basic Hadalabo isn't enough, my skin still feels tight…thank you for any advice xxx

  • Julia Gаna says:

    Since I was a teenager, I currently have this eczema, after I reached my Two decades of existence I have this issue. The problem still persisted following visiting a number of medical professionals as well as using different suggested products that have just a short-term result. My final choice would consider eczema guidebook “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). In just a 30 days of utilizing the manual, my illness had cured and never ever experienced this skin rashes once again for some time already. .

  • Starrying Liu says:

    love love u so much 💕💕💕wish my skin will as glow/nice as urs

  • wizandkonfd says:


  • Đẹp Là Được says:

    Bạn nào cần tiếng Việt cho video này thì ghé trang mình nha. Thanks for this helpful video!

  • Tehreem Zahid says:

    please make a video regarding snail serum

  • akua baryeh says:

    Oh no salicylic acid is bad… is 2% to much because I use Stridex pads as a exfoliant and it smooths out my skin so well

  • little lady says:

    Why staying away from tea tree?? I've heard so much that's super great for skin🤔

  • Kimmy Nonymous says:

    7:50 what about hexylene glycol? Huhu

  • ForeverChiTonight says:

    Any thoughts on sea buckthorn oil?

  • hot kebab says:

    I have I question should I youse serum and toner when I'm 20 years old? I want my skin to be hydrated and moisturezed but I don't know if it's to early and I don't want to overload my skin

  • padmavathi purple says:

    Can u plz tell…after apply moisturizer I feel sweaty all over my face …I don't know why…

    My skin is dry and normal…

  • iMedia says:

    The best face cream i have ever used for dry skin is QG Skincare Magic Gold. Just go to amazon and search QG Skincare. I tried everything and this face cream stopped my dry skin on my face in a week.

  • Suyo’s Life says:

    I legit have medium skin
    So isn’t know why I’m watching this😂😂

  • Azka rahma m says:

    i love you rowenna, pls make vidoe about diet eczema

  • Laura Sepulveda says:

    Question is CeraVe same thing as Cetaphil??

  • Mikayla Bonafede says:

    Please do a video on Innisfree! They just started selling the brand at Sephora, so I would love to know more about their products.

  • Leslie Ann Tura says:

    I like ur video most than ur friends cos i can relate a lot cos i have flacky patches of dry skin. So thankful for ur help
    Hopefully i can buy those products cos i saw aveno products are too expensive for my budget

  • jaz_ cap says:

    I have a very dry skin and I also bring along with me my Aveeno lotion inside the shower. Right after i pat my skin with towel i put like a table spoon of lotion each leg and arm and my skin would just slurp the heck out of it 😂

  • NaturallyUnique says:

    Hi, can you make a review of the Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb please. Its one of K-beauty products. Thank you!

  • X- in says:

    What should I do first? Moisturize and then hydrate or vice versa?

  • E. W. says:

    I can totally approve of the Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Balm! I struggle with neurodermatitis on my hands, elbows, knees and face but it really works wonders. Its so so rich but doesn't feel too greasy. While its meant for the body, I sometimes even use it on my face because it works better than most of my face creams!

  • Daniel Mendez says:

    I love cerave so much, but now I think I have to find a new moisturizer. I've used the PM for almost two years now and I just went to the store to buy another, and the ingredients have changed drastically. The ceramides are different, along with so many others. Why change something if there's nothing wrong with it? 😓 I'm scared to even try this new formula, let alone try to find a new moisturizer that doesn't irritate my skin. 😭

  • draynold1 says:

    So is Aha a type of natural hemectant or just a natural substance? Lol all these terminology are very overwhelming.

  • kimi says:

    so i watched it and it said that people who have these skin types should stay away from tea tree oil but currently i've been using cosrx low ph good morning cleanser and it has tea tree oil on it. is it okay if i still use it?

  • Maria Carolina says:

    I'm oily combination skin but I have times that I feel my skin need more water products when is too hot and cold and I have other times that I'm very oily but to me, the worst part is the acne when your skin is finally clear and then a pimple decides to born.

  • Christina Charalambous says:

    Hyalauronic acid burns me. I have bought and tried everything, it is an irritant.

  • THINK BIG says:

    Plz advice for dry and dehydrated skin moisturizer and face wash

  • Brittany Love says:

    Did anyone try any of these products??? Reviews?

  • Maria C says:

    I want a good moisturizer for dry dehydrated skin but the ones mentioned are not available in Europe (at least not where I live) so I can’t purchase either one.. does anyone have any other more popular drugstore moisturizers for dry dehydrated skin? I’ve heard Cetaphil is not good for sensitive skin (I get rashes really easily) :/

  • Venetra Roberson says:

    Unknown products where?

  • Natalie McQueen says:

    You ladies are the absolute best!! I was so happy to see this dry skin video. Could you (if you haven’t already) do a video about KP with some suggestions on how to treat/handle it, and what products would be great? I’ve had it my entire life down my arms, back of my thighs and buttocks.

  • Anu Anusha says:

    What r d products she is using?? Anyone help me please

  • Marcella X says:


  • Ashley Wyatt says:

    I think its important to add that you can still be dehydrated even if your drinking lots of water. You need those electrolytes! Electrolytes allow water to penetrate the cell wall. I always keep a gallon of cucumber water in my fridge. Cut 1 whole cucumber add it to your gallon and let it sit overnight before drinking it. Such a cheap and an easy way to stay hydrated. Plus its so much tastier than plain ol agua! 😀

  • Jasmine Parkhill says:

    What app do you use for this video

  • Afsara Hossain says:

    the me drinking water while watching the video

  • Jedd Stevie says:

    My skin is literally dry and oily….

  • María Gabriela Cano Portocarrero says:

    Can the CeraVe cream used on the face?

  • Courtney Beachner says:

    If you have eczema and react to CeraVe (ahhhhh), try Vanicream. The Aveeno body lotion is the best but I also started using Renpure brand lotion with coco butter and shea 🙂

  • Prince says:

    My skin is so dry it’s peeling

  • Heaven Arteries says:

    La Roche posay serum seems gooood

  • actually angie says:

    Lovely information! But I’m a bit younger and I’m facing lots of changes in my body while I’m growing up, what’s the age range? I don’t wanna mess my face up more then it already is.

  • Huda Hameed says:

    please can you make revewi about the ordinary products

  • Oompa says:

    FAB Ultra Face Moisturizer does not have eucalyptus oil. That is the Ultra Repair Cream.

  • Chupooh Niji says:

    Is Nitrogena hydro boost suitable for oily acne prone skin???? Anyone help me out??

  • Flora플로라 says:

    11:50 oh!! U got me 😭😭😂

  • Elizabeth Mendoza says:

    What type of chemicals exfoliate do you recommend to use because you don't really recommend BHA'S?

  • Ivana Gallegos says:

    Omg thank uuuu

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