🏃 How to Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Legs Fast (Part 2)🏃 Skin care meets Hyperpigmentation

🏃 How to Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Legs Fast (Part 2)🏃 Skin care meets Hyperpigmentation

Hi guys. So I want to answer some questions,
so this is the question, she says, “I saw your video on YouTube. I’m sick of walking
around with ugly legs; please send me info of exactly what helped you. I never wore skirts,
shorts or dress in my adult life. Please do I need to get help professionally? Here are
some pictures, on the picture they don’t look so bad but it’s horrible in person.”
So I’m going to guess that she’s doing hyper pigmentation, I looked at the pictures
and I couldn’t really see… the pictures weren’t clear but I just showed this particular
question because I want to address how to get rid of dark spots on legs because I feel
like a lot of people ask me questions about that topic. So there ar many ways to treat
dark spots on your legs, yes your first port of call, if you are able to seek professional
help do that, if you’re able to afford a dermatologist do that but I know for some
people [1:14] and for some people they don’t have access to a dermatologist and that’s
why I recommend alternatives for you, ok? If you were me this is what I would do, there
are three ways to approach treating dark spots on legs. The first one if I were in your shoes
I would do tretinoin 0.1%, preferably the gel and 5% hydroquinone.
Now I know these products are kind of hard, but I know you need a pharmacist sell them
online, I’ll to leave the link below for you. The second route that I will go which
I’ve also made a video on is [2:00] extreme glow line. That’s not something knowing
what I know now I wouldn’t go that route but I know for some people it may work better
for them but for me, it worked for me but I noticed that it pretty much lightened up
my skin, other parts of my skin as well and it wasn’t even the lightening that was my
problem, it was that it would make my skin almost like red. I think I read the ingredients
and they weren’t really harsh but sometimes manufacturers are not really honest with what
they’ve put in their products, ok? So that’s one thing I’m hesitant about, just the fact
that [2:43] extreme glow line really lightened, it lightened up the dark spots which is good
but at the same time I think it gave me [2:53] as well which I don’t appreciate, and I
know people use the cream just to lighten up their skin, I’m not one to tell you what
to do but I’ll be really careful, ok? The third route I will go is getting Nadinola
or Porcelana, anyone with the higher hydroquinone percentage. You can get it from Wal-Mart,
from drug stores, you can get it online from Amazon and what I’ll do is I’ll mix that,
I’ll use that in conjunction with tretinoin. If I’m not able to get to tretinoin I’ll
get a chemical peel online, preferably lactic acid, and if you’re someone who hasn’t
done this before then you have to be really careful, start with a smaller percentage maybe
like 15-20 and then work your way up, ok? Don’t just go all the way 90 because it
will burn you, even if doesn’t hurt you at first it will burn you later on, that’s
a side effect, I have experienced it, you’ve guys have seen my legs, you saw what it did
to me. So if you’re wanting to get rid of dark spots on your legs those are three things
you should consider. First one is 0.1% tretinoin and hydroquinone,
ok? Use that. In 12 weeks you’ll see results, I read this in a book and when I visited my
dermatologist the first time he recommended I think tretinoin gel 0.025 and I think about
4% hydroquinone and then we kind of worked our way up from there.
The second one we talked about getting like a skin lightening cream pretty much, for example
extreme glow, that cream is really strong, it works really fast but I’ll also be really
careful or cautious. Once you feel like your spots have been lightened stop using that
product because it really lightens up your skin and it’s not even the lightening that’s
the problem it’s the fact that it gives you a red [5:04], that’s a dead giveaway
for a skin bleacher and you don’t want that. Third one is Nadinola. If you’re able to
get to Wal-Mart, Amazon.com it’s really cheap, ok? The only thing is that Nadinola
contains 3% hydroquinone which is not as effective as 4% or 5% hydroquinone but it’s somewhere
you can start from. If you are consistent you are bound to see results, and imagine
mixing that with tretinoin. Like you guys know, tretinoin causes exfoliation as well
prevents pigmented melanin from forming, ok? So it accelerates the cell [5:51] in the epidermis
thereby leaving you with new skin cells that are less pigmented. Alright, hope that makes
sense? If you’re not able to get to tretinoin another alternative to tretinoin will be like
a chemical peel. If you have further questions, I don’t like
making my videos really long, super long because I lose you guys but if you have questions
concerning any three of these routes feel free to leave them below, feel free to ask
me, email me, whatever, Instagram me, tweet me, whatever. That’s why we have social
media. Alright guys, I hope this have been helpful.
To you that sent me this question I saw your email, I looked at your pictures and I know
that if you apply these suggestions, you don’t have to they’re just suggestions I’m sure
that you’ll see results in about 3 months, ok? 12 weeks to 3 months. Alright, take care.


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  • dancing queen says:

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  • dancing queen says:

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    There is a Much Better Product than the Sally Hanson Brand. It's called Air Stocking and it's the Original one that first hit the Market and still the Best by far. . Don't buy it on Niemen's site you can pick it up on Amazon for less than 20 bucks with the shipping and it doesn't blotch like the Sally Hanson. I posted the link below.


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  • Glory be to God the Most High says:

    You need a prescription for hydroquinone or tretonin. I’ve been using these for years for very dark burn scars I have on my legs. They work somewhat but those scars will not go away completely. However, Colgate toothpaste works really fast and is a fraction of the cost. A script of tretonin costs about $80 dollars and is not covered by insurance. The same is true for hydroquinone. I Colgate it up now and it works super fast and like a charm.

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