🍠 Açafrão da terra (cúrcuma) ajuda na perda de peso – Parte 1 🍠

🍠 Açafrão da terra (cúrcuma) ajuda na perda de peso – Parte 1 🍠

Turmeric (turmeric) helps in loss
Weight: How to use According to the My Life Site, published a
Very interesting news. Check out: Seasoning also helps in
arthritis and contributes to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The turmeric of the earth also known as turmeric turmeric and yellow ginger
It is a root of the ginger family. Worldwide there are over one hundred species of
turmeric family but the saffron which we consume comes from long turmeric. The root has
been used for over four thousand years in the Middle East and Asia both
Ayurvedic medicine as in medicine traditional chinese as a potent
herbal medicine. This spice stands out by anti-aging action and
antioxidant according to research by University of California is capable of
reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric also protects against various
types of cancer and have action anti-inflammatory. Be careful not to confuse the saffron from the earth with the red saffron. The latter comes from the pistils of a flower and is considered the spice
most expensive in the world. The saffron of the earth is much more affordable. Turmeric Nutrients Saffron contains various minerals and
vitamins with emphasis on potassium that helps control blood pressure
and prevents spills. It is also a source of vitamin C allied with
immunity and vitamin B6 which is beneficial to the brain. The spice still has iron that prevents anemia; essential manganese for
cholesterol metabolism and for the growth; calcium that is allied with
bones and teeth and magnesium important for glucose metabolism. Good protein for fat and high muscles soluble fiber content that improves the
intestinal transit are also present in the saffron of the earth. However its great value lies in the curcumin, a polyphenol with action
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory responsible for the intense yellow color of
saffron. There are numerous benefits of curcumin
mainly for its effect antioxidant and anti inflammatory. It contributes to the fight against cancer prostate, breast, melanoma, pancreas
decreases the risk of myeloma leukemia and the occurrence of metastases in
several tumors. Detoxifies the liver is beneficial to the heart, helps in
diabetes control, neutralizes the free radicals, reduces inflammation of
arthritis, has analgesic and anti action septic and antibacterial. Age no
fat metabolism aiding in the weight loss, helps in acne in theories
and other skin conditions and accelerates healing. Prevents the disease of
Alzheimer’s, fighting depression and multiple sclerosis. All of these effects are documented by numerous studies

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