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five warning signs that you can have zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency is very common and can
cause different health problems. Zinc is basic to carry out a lot of
essential processes for your health, such: protein synthesis, metabolism
of phosphorus, development of the bony system, synthesis of collagen, etc. In addition, zinc is essential during
lactation and the first years of life, but It will also be basic throughout
our life. The lack of zinc is not a minor problem,
according to the data of the World Health Organization, the 31% of the people in the world have zinc deficiency. In this video I’m going to explain the five
warning signs that you have lack of zinc. Likewise, at the end of the video, I’ll talk to you about some foods rich in zinc and I will recommend you some zinc supplement. The most important warning signal of
that you have zinc deficiency is to have a weak immune system. If you tend to get sick frequently, if you have
problems with the immune system, that is a big warning sign that you have
zinc deficiency. Zinc is very important for creating
and strengthening the cells that fight the diseases, their importance for good
functioning of white blood cells is basic So if you have a weak immune system
and sick frequently, that’s a sign of warning very important. The warning signal number two that
you have a lack of zinc is if you have frequent episodes of diarrhea. When the levels of
zinc are low, then the organism looks more easily affected by Escherichia
col. In developing countries, mostly in children, because of the great zinc deficienc, malnutrition for diarrhea Is very frequent. But the consequence of this second signal
of zinc deficiency warning is that having diarrhea, you also have malabsorption
so you’re not digesting and absorbing well all the nutrients. Also, if you have inflammatory disease
intestinal, such as irritable bowel syndrome, and even gas or swelling. These can
be warning signs that you have lack of zinc. The warning signal number three is the
loss or thinning of the hair. Yes you have very thin hair or you’re losing it,
zinc is an essential mineral that helps thicker hair growth The warning signal number four of
that has zinc deficiency is that you have some kind of inflammatory problem of the
skin, such as acne, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. All these are warning signs that
It has zinc deficiency. The warning sign number five of
that you have zinc deficiency is to present numerous food allergies or pollen
or dust mites. Zinc deficiency causes it to be released
more histamine in the tissues, which produces symptoms associated with allergies and increases
the level of sensitivity to allergic reactions. This may be the result of stress
Chronic that causes fatigue in the glands adrenal glands, which implies a decrease
in your calcium, magnesium and zinc levels. In general, the most common cause of deficiency
of zinc is stress. If you suffer a lot of stress, over time your body has to consume zinc,
since it is a repairing mineral that even is critical in the synthesis and use
of proteins. That’s why, if you had, for example, a loss in the family or you have
a very stressful job, and you’re not sleeping enough, you will need an extra contribution
of zinc. The second most common cause of deficiency
Zinc is the excess of exercise. The triathletes, the marathon runners and the athletes of
CrossFit are some of the most susceptible to having a zinc deficiency. The third most common reason why
has zinc deficiency is pregnancy and breastfeeding, because in these cases it occurs
an increase in zinc spending, which will be necessary to replace. Last but not least,
are the elderly, who tend to have intestinal malabsorption, so they do not absorb
well neither zinc and tend to have deficiency of the same. For all this that I just told you, if you want
get more zinc in your diet you should make some habit changes The first thing you should do is take more
foods rich in zinc. Some of the best Foods rich in zinc are: seeds
pumpkin, oysters, dark chocolate, the peanuts, the Toasted Wheat Germ,
spinach and mushrooms. You can also take some type of supplement
of Zinc like this one from Arkofarma or this one from Solgar which are both a good option to supplement
with zinc. Lastly, you will also need to take
Probiotics Probiotics increase the absorption and digestion of zinc. Remember that it is not only what you eat, but
what you digest that’s why I take probiotics It can improve the overall absorption of zinc. In short, the warning signs more
important that you have a deficiency of zinc are: immune problems, problems
intestinal, such as diarrhea, weight loss or hair loss, inflammatory problems
of skin like acne, as well as allergies of different type. Those are warning signs
that you have a zinc deficiency. And this is all for today, do you think you can
have a zinc deficiency? Have you taken any Once a zinc supplement? Give us your opinion
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