✨ DNA PROTECT! ✨ Anti Aging 🐠 MUST 🌞 Vit D3🌞 Peeps be deficient!

✨ DNA PROTECT! ✨ Anti Aging 🐠  MUST 🌞 Vit D3🌞  Peeps be deficient!

Leda Lums Apothecary here. And today, we’re
gonna talk about vitamin D3, and how crazy important it is for your health. It’s not
just a vitamin. It’s actually a neuro-steroid pro-hormone. It’s crazy important. I was a
little deficient I it with two different tests with my doctor, somehow. I don’t know how,
I live in Los Angeles. I mean, I’m not sunbathing, but I get a lot of sun. Anyways, I’ve been
taking this supplement. I went through a few different other supplements, and this one,
which comes from lamb’s wool. They’re not harmed or anything. I could actually feel
it. It’s extremely potent. It comes in a fatty… It’s fat soluble vitamin pro-hormone. So,
let’s talk about how crazy important it is for all sorts of diseases, and just 2000 different
genetic expressions in your body. Let’s discuss. Okay. So I’ve gone through some few blood
tests. And all they could tell me recently was, that I’m a little bit deficient in vitamin
D. I even got a prescription for extremely strong dose, and I went through that. Everything
seems fine. And I had another blood test, and I was still a little deficient. Not as
deficient, but I thought that was crazy since I’ve been doing the sun. I don’t know why.
I’m not sunbathing. I did go through a little period where I wasn’t wearing sunscreen. I
didn’t like that feeling for very long. [chuckle] And no, thank you. I don’t want the aging
effects of the sun on your skin. Driving around Los Angeles, I figured I’d get enough. I’m
not wearing my sun gloves as often, just… You’re supposed to be able to just get enough
from 15 minutes a day. You don’t want a sunburn. That’s when the UVA rays, which are actually
the ones that cause sun damage, skin cancer from the sun is UVA. UVB actually is what
creates and sort of photosynthesizes on your skin and creates vitamin D3. And that’s how
this a lot of vitamin D3… You don’t want the D2. You want D3, which is actually what
your body produces just with on your skin. So the best way to get it is being out in
the sun 15 minutes a day, walking around in the sun, which I don’t know. I feel like I
do that. But anyways, I got a supplement. The best way to get it is from the sun, and
exercising outside. You don’t wanna rinse off. You don’t wanna go, and wash your body
off with soap right after. You wanna wait 30 minutes because it’s actually on your skin,
and you want it to be absorbed in. That’s how your body… Your skin makes certain cholesterol…
I don’t know… Certain parts of the vitamin D, and then send it to your liver. And that’s
also how the liquid D3 from Rx Vitamins physician formulated… They get it from lanolin, from
sheep’s wool. They just comb it out. They’re not harmed or anything. They’re not killing
the sheep for their wool. That would be crazy. And also vitamin D3 is fat soluble, so this
is in an olive oil base. And it’s 2000 IU each drop, like one little drop. So, I’m taking
two drops under my tongue, eat it with a little butter, grass-fed butter. You need vitamin
K also to absorb, and I’m way into the butter recently. It’s good stuff, grass fed. So you
take it with a little bit of fat. This is already in fat, so it’s probably why that
is the case. I’m taking two drops, the morning and night, and we’ll see how the blood test
goes. So that’s very interesting.So, just watch this long seven-part video series of
Dr. Mercola’s way into vitamin D. He’s also got a supplement that you can spray under
your tongue. But of course the best way to get vitamin D is through sun. Judiciously,
prudent sun exposure, if you will, 15 minutes. I’ve heard that if you expose your belly in
the evening or morning, not in the most intense, I guess. Apparently, the skin on your belly,
absorbs vitamin D the best. So, prudent sun exposure, but I’m gonna take the supplement,
and then hopefully, we’ll be good by then. So actually, vitamin D3 has a half life of
two months. So, you could theoretically take a bunch, and it would stay in your fat cells,
’cause it’s fat soluble, for a while, and you’ll have enough stored if you took it weekly
or monthly. But I’m doing it daily. Another thing, if you’re overweight, that I guess
can be… If you have more fat cells, you actually need more vitamin D because its absorbed
in your fat cells, which is stored and not being as released into your bloodstream. Like
Dr Mercola says… What’s he say here? “You need 3000 IU per every 100 pounds.” That’s
if you don’t have certain diseases like cancer. That’s a whole other thing. He talks about
how it’s really for a lot of diseases, other diseases besides cancer, but definitely cancer.
How it helps? We’ll get to the cancer in a bit. If you do have a disease, you wanna do
up it to 5000 IU, International Units, per 100 pounds. So that’s a good measurement.
But you wanna take tests to see how you’re doing with your vitamin D, and it’s been linked
to autism. Mothers, in utero, not having enough vitamin D to give to their babies in utero,
that can lead to autism. And there’s definitely a rise of autism linked to how long we’ve
been using sunscreen. I don’t know. And a big rise in also, all general cancers. ‘Cause
actually Dr. Mercola talks about melanoma being pretty low on the death… Death from
melanoma is pretty low compared to all sorts of other cancers. That’s interesting, very
interesting. So, let’s talk about cancer. Dr. Mercola says that vitamin D may be one
of the most important chemotherapy components, because it reduces…
Extra vitamin D does reduce the risk of melanoma but also increases cellular-differentiation.
It helps with apoptosis, that’s a cell death of cancer cells, as we’ve learnt. Inhibits
cancer-cell proliferation. Inhibits cancer ability to be invasive into other tissues
in your body. Decreases the ability for cancer cells to get blood flow, angiogenesis, that’s
what that’s called. Decreases inflammation generally and inflammation that’s been linked
to cancer. So, it inhibits the growth of cancer, so that’s a great pro-benefit. [chuckle] Alright.
Low vitamin D. So I told you that when I started taking this, I could feel a difference in
my energy which was really neat. So, that’s been great. When I first took it, I could
feel its effects. But it was different from any of my other vitamin D experiences with
the supplements. So that’s very neat. So, low vitamin D is associated with heart disease,
diabetes, which are also big killers, besides cancer, aggressive prostate cancer, dementia,
Alzheimer’s. It’s a pro-neuro steroid. It’s important for a lot of moods, depression.
Get out in the sunshine. Have a little jog around the block. It’ll be good for your vitamin
D and also for your mood.Teenagers should know about their vitamin D levels. Optimal
levels are between, so I’ve heard, 30 and 80 nanograms per UI. Dr. Mercola says between
50 and 60, so you can get home tests, probably just get it from your doctor. I mean, that’s
more widely known how important vitamin D is, lately from 1560. So you wanna monitor…
There is a possibility of taking too much and then those signs of that will be increased
calcium absorption. But if you have a disease like cancer or any sort of autoimmune diseases,
these are linked to irritable bowl syndrome, I remember that, rickets and multiple sclerosis.So
if you have any diseases, you wanna up your level. Also, you wanna up your level the older
you get. So, a 70 year old, absorbs four times less than a 20 year old of vitamin D. Over
2,000… What was he saying? I’ve heard 1,000. I’ve also heard 2,000 different gene expressions.
That’s very important for all sorts of different hormone producing reactions in your body.
That’s why it’s called the pro-hormone. It’s not just a vitamin. Low levels, there’s a
study in Finland linking it to risk of Alzheimer’s. So especially if you’re in the northern States
or where it’s not very sunny, you may have a vitamin D deficiency, especially in the
winter. But even in sunny states, you might have a vitamin D deficiency, when there’s
less UVB sun-rays happening. It’s found in wild caught salmon, fermented dairy. I eat
so much Kefir mushrooms. Actually, if you leave them in the sun, they synthesize vitamin
D through their skins, just like we do. Isn’t that interesting? So if you use mushrooms,
leave them out in the sun a little bit, chop ’em up, saute, take it with some fats, right?
We discussed that, so this one’s in olive oil but I’m gonna start taking mine with a
little spoon of butter. So especially if you’re pregnant or you wanna
become pregnant, it’s important for fertility. It’s a pro-hormone. You wanna be passing on
to your baby enough vitamin D, so they don’t get autism, and also to help them with their
everything, later in life. It’s also a potent antibiotic. So, if you’re feeling like you
have some sort of cold or a flu happening, you can up your dose which was very interesting.
It increases the antimicrobial properties. There’s some proteins that are increased.
It’s helpful for your eyes. There’s been a link with… What is it? Age related, macular
degeneration. There’s links to vitamin D deficiency with insomnia, skin issues, psoriasis, and
eczema. It’s helpful for that. Enhances athletic performance. There’s a lot of benefits. One
thing Dr. Mercola said that was funny to me was, if your shadow is longer, it’s less likely
you’re absorbing vitamin D. If it’s shorter than you, then you… Which means it’s more
overhead, so that’s a little confusing because… I guess you do want more direct sunlight right
on you, rather than in the morning or the night. I don’t know.
Oh, this is an interesting fact. It’s shown to regulate the aging process. Telomeres are
these little caps on the ends of your DNA, your chromosomes that protect your DNA from
damage and they get shorter and shorter. They’re like little caps on shoelaces and they get
frayed as we age, and then we have DNA damage. Vitamin D actually plays a role in protecting
these telomeres. There was a study with twins. One had less vitamin D and had more DNA damage.
It’s co-related to five years of biological aging. So, I’m gonna take this just for anti
aging. A study, 30% of light-skinned people were deficient in their vitamin D. So, melanin
actually inhibits the absorption of vitamin D. If you have really dark skin, you might
be deficient of vitamin D. You wanna get checked. But even that 30% of light skinned people
were deficient. We live in the offices anymore, don’t we? I’m on my computer a lot. I even
have a sunlight right over my whole office, so I don’t know if… There’s so many factors
that are inhibiting vitamin D. I’m on a supplement and in addition to getting my little belly
sun moments. It’s summer soon, swimsuit season… So on the upper level, especially, the recommendation
is 4,000 International Units a day. But if you have any of these diseases and you’re
looking for health information, up your vitamin D level. Dr. Mercola thinks it’s more important
than vitamin C. So get out in the sun, be prudent about it, take a little jog, or just
sun bath in your skimpy outfit ’cause you need skin exposure. Clothing inhibits the
UV, and take a supplement. Especially, get tested and see your levels and supplement,
if need be. You probably do because the vast majority of people are deficient in this modern
day. So if you like that information, please give it a thumbs up and you can share. Let’s
comment. Anybody else have vitamin D deficiencies? What’s worked for you? Let’s discuss.


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