सोरायसिस के कारण और उसका इलाज || Treatment of Psoriasis

सोरायसिस के कारण और उसका इलाज || Treatment of Psoriasis

Hi friends, today I will be talking about Psoriasis which is a very common disease especially amongst the age group 16-45 there are 4 types of diseases which cause welts as well as itching These are Eczema, Psoriasis, Fungal Infections & Scabies Because all these diseases have similar symptoms and itching, many times they are misdiagnosed and wrongly treated with medicines In this video, I will show you photos which will help you to determine what infection you are suffering from Because Fungal Infections, Psoriasis, Eczema & Scabies are all treated differently and that is why it is important to recognize that the welts and itching which are present on your skin are caused by which disease. Causes of Psoriasis Psoriasis is a disorder of the skin which causes the cells of our skin to form and grow very fast and when these skin cells begin developing rapidly they begin accumulating on our skin, instead of falling off These accumulated cells look like thick, dry and red patches on the skin which are covered by a shiny thick surface of skin This is an auto-immune disease which means that your own body generates this disorder due to some internal/external trigger Because this disease is genetic, that is why it often affects multiple people in the same family and Psoriasis becomes worse during winters Many times it is triggered by getting injured, getting a fever, getting a sore throat, consuming excess alcohol or smoking too much, and it can also be triggered by too much mental stress. Psoriasis can also be triggered due to a shortage of Vitamin D in our body Many times people who take anti-malaria, blood pressure medication or Iodine supplements are also affected by Psoriasis Because Psoriasis causes red welts to form on the skin which also itch people mistake it for a fungal infection and begin treating it using Anti-Fungal medication which is a very wrong course of treatment, and does not heal Psoriasis at all Symptoms of Psoriasis Psoriasis welts can occur on the scalp, on the neck on the elbows and on the legs, chest and back. These welts also itch a lot and begin to bleed if scratched In psoriasis, there are smooth red welts in the underarms, in the inner thighs, and also under the breasts. Meaning that the welts also occur in places where there is sweat and appear as smooth, red inflamed patches Many times near the hands and feet, these welts also get covered in small pustules But the biggest symptom of Psoriasis patches is that when they are scratched, they begin to bleed Along with this, people who suffer from psoriases develop crooked nails which also get pitted and furrowed Many times psoriases outbreaks are accompanied by fever and swelling in the joints Psoriasis is a disease which causes a certain weakness in the whole system and those people who suffer from psoriasis also suffer from diabetes blood pressure arthritis heart problems and may also suffer from depression Diagnosis of Psoriasis Any competent doctor is able to diagnose psoriasis by looking at the welts caused by it on the skin To make a definite diagnosis, a sample of the skin can be sent for a skin biopsy which can confirm the diagnosis Management/Treatment of Psoriasis The first step in the treatment of psoriasis is to bring the itching, inflamation and dryness of the skin under control and the next step is to eliminate the psoriasis affected patch of skin That is why, the first step is to prevent the skin from drying and for this, you should STOP using bathing soap completely. Soap dries out the skin Add 1 teaspoon of rock salt to 1 bucket of lukewarm water and then have a bath with this water. This will aid in getting rid of the psoriasis patches faster Moisturisers and natural oils, such as coconut oil and olive oil should be applied 3-4 times a day to skin, to keep it moisturised and hydrated You must sit out in the morning sun for 10-15 minutes daily Consume minimal or no amount of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee and try not to get stressed at every small thing Light and moderate cases of psoriasis can be treated by creams or ointments. These are good quality moisturising creams Salicylic Acid Cream Retino A Creams, Anthralin Coal Tar, and and Vitamin D creams Psoriasis patches often have to be treated with Steroid Based creams as well If the patch is very large then oral medicines and/or phototherapy (light treatment) has to be given In light therapy you have to sit in sunlight or take Ultra Violet light therapy or even LASER is used In oral medicines Steroids Methotrixate Retinoids Cyclosporin and Immunosuppressant Drugs, which suppress the immune system can also be used In home remedies aloe vera gel gives a lot of relief when applied to the psoriasis patches, or when consumed orally Consuming Fish Liver Oil also reduces the itch and inflammation in Psoriasis patches Neem oil & Coconut Oil also help to reduce the itching and inflammation when applied to the skin In the end, I would like to once again say that in diseases like Psoriasis there is a deep relation between the illness and our lifestyle and eating habits If you keep your diet healthy meaning you will consume adequate amounts of fruits, legumes, rice and veggies and exercise regularly and also do not get stressed out at every small thing then most skin disorders will not affect you Friends, I hope you have liked my video If you have any question about psoriasis then please put it in the comments below and I will try my best to answer your questions Thank you.


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  • Deepak Behera says:

    Hello Mam..I am from Odisha..My mother has been suffering from Psoriasis for last 10 years and it has been showing only in winter season..also she has been treatment and the main thing is in her case psoriasis is seen only on her head and body but their is no any red mark,only the skin is coming out layer by layer. Last 7-8 years she has been continuing GLA 125 tablet.
    Madam it's my humble request to you pls suggest me how my mother will be curable forever.
    Deepak, Odisha

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    Doctor my whole body covered on psoriasis and I was used methoxiate tablets a 5 a week since last 15 years and now than I used acetin tablets for one year but the psoriasis are still, can I again used methoxiate tablets

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