सेबोरिक डर्मेटाइटिस और डैंड्रफ का ईलाज || Dandruff & Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

सेबोरिक डर्मेटाइटिस और डैंड्रफ का ईलाज || Dandruff & Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Hi friends, namaste today I will be talking about dandruff which is also called “roosi” or “khori” in hindi. When the skin of our scalp gets dry and begins flaking off then it is called dandruff. Those who suffer from it endure a lot of embarrassment due to it. Dandruff usually starts in the teens and continues into the 30’s and 40’s. Men suffer from dandruff more than women. What are the causes of dandruff? People who have oily skin suffer from dandruff, or if don’t keep your hair and scalp clean and don’t regularly wash and clean your scalp and hair then dandruff can result. During winter when the air is very dry, many people suffer from dandruff. Nowadays we use many different kinds of hair products. like mehendi, hair dye and also do many different kinds of hair treatments. This can cause skin sensitivity in the scalp which can lead to irritation and dandruff. If you have a mild/light case of dandruff then simply washing your hair daily with a mild shampoo and keeping your scalp clean will be enough to get rid of the dandruff. If the dandruff persists despite this then you can purchase any anti-dandruff shampoo from the market and use it on alternate days – This will be effective in controlling your dandruff problem. Now, if your dandruff is still not coming under control and returns immediately upon stopping the usage of anti dandruff shampoo, then it can be due to 2 reasons – The 1st reason could be that the dandruff is caused due to a fungal infection in the scalp. The 2nd reason could be that you are suffering from a condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis. If your dandruff is complicated due to a fungal infection then you can purchase from the market a shampoo which contains Ketoconazole This shampoo is available in 2 concentrations 1% and 2 % — Firstly you should try 1% concentration of Ketoconazole Shampoo and if it controls your dandruff then it is a good thing. But if it is not effective, then you can try 2% ketoconazole shampoo. It is available over-the-counter in medical stores. The method of usage is that for the first 2 weeks you should shampoo your hair thoroughly and daily with it. Once your dandruff comes under control then you can use it twice a week for atleast 3 months. for atleast 3 months. The second cause of severe dandruff is Seborrheic Dermatitis. In this condition, the dandruff is very oily and thick on the scalp and it is also quite itchy Besides the scalp, this oily dandruff is also found on either sides of the nose, behind the ears, on the eyebrows and also on the eye lashes. Seborrheic Dermatitis is hereditary in many people this means that if there are people in your family who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis then you may also develop it. Besides this, people who drink a lot or those who have severe acne or are suffering from AIDS are also prone to developing seborrheic dermatitis People who take anti-depressants may also develop seborrheic dermatitis. Besides this, severe cold weather can also lead to seborrheic dermatitis in people. Seborrheic dermatitis is treated using medicated shampoo or soap which contains COAL TAR, SELENIUM SULFIDE, ZINC PYRITHONE, KETACONAZOLE or SALICYLIC ACID. You will have to use these medicated soaps and shampoos to wash your hair and/or have a bath daily for atleast 2 weeks. After this, once your condition comes under control, then you can use it on alternate days. In my experience the best combination consists of COAL TAR and ZINC PYRITHONE. If this suits you, then you can use it otherwise you should consult your doctor and get the most suitable combination which is effective for you. If you eat fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables and keep your diet healthy then it will be very beneficial in controlling seborrheic dermatitis. Besides this, outdoor exercise is very important. If you exercise daily in the fresh outdoor air then it will help in controlling seborrheic dermatitis. When a child is born there is sometimes an oily crust on their scalp which is called “Cradle Cap.” This is treated in the following way – Mix 2 spoons of Savlon in Lukewarm water and massage the child’s head gently with this solution and then gently clean off their scalp with clean, lukewarm water. Doing this 3-4 times will help in removing the oily crust from the child’s scalp. If you have any questions about skin conditions then please leave your comments below and I will try my best to answer your queries.


  • Dr. Vijay Laxmi says:

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    00:08 – रुसी या डेनडरफ कया होती है?
    00:33 – रूसी किन कारणों से होती है।
    01:16 – हल्की रूसी का इलाज।
    01:42 – घनी रूसी का इलाज।
    02:11 – Fungal Infection की घनी रूसी का इलाज।
    03:03 – Seborrheic Dermatitis की घनी रूसी का इलाज।
    05:21 – बच्चों में सबोरिक डरमेटाइटिस (Seborrheic Dermatitis) का इलाज।

  • Mohammed Hussain shafeeq says:

    Mam how to remove darkness in both the sides of my nose

  • Dk swami says:

    Hello mam mujhe b dandruff ki bhut jayada prob h…eye lashes me bhut khujli hoti h…sar k baal b bhut jarte h….hair wash krne k baad b head ki skin white lgti h…or fingers se ragarne pr hair me white white dandruff lgta h….. head me bhut icching b hoti h….baal b bhut jarte h…….dandruff ki wajah se face pe acne ki prob b ho jati h…..anti dandruff sampoo b use kiya pr prob solve nhi hue..mam ladies hu daily hair wash b nhi kr skti. …koi Acha sa sampoo batao jesse meri prob dur Ho jaye……Please mam m kavita

  • Harsh Chauhan says:

    Maam mujhe white cream colour salt like grains type dandruff h aap iske bare m batein

  • raj meena says:

    Mem isme teblet y capsule konse khane hai

  • raj meena says:

    Mem dono ek sath lagana hai kya pls bataye

  • beauty mantra says:

    where is your clinic Mam

  • beauty mantra says:

    hello mam mje nose k pas redess hai aur SAR m dandruff hai aur face p white patches hogye hai ye kya hai pls suggest aur kid trah thik hoga

  • assam Indian canal says:

    Same problem please call me 6000170693

  • MOHAMMAD ALI says:

    Madem ji mujhe 5 salo se oily dendrff h nakun marne se nakun me burada sa niklta h plz mujhe ilaj batao plz me oil use karu ya band kar du or sampoo konsa use karu mere dono side ke bal kafi jhad gaye h

  • MOHAMMAD ALI says:

    Madem ji mere ko lagta h me aapke tritmant se hi ilaj hoga

  • Abhi Singh ATR says:

    Sebborhea or seborrheic dermatitis dono ek hi bimari ka nam h kya?

  • Gorav Thakur says:

    Mem mujhe nak per lal lal our dendref he our mere Ball bhi bhot safed hore he. Koi oil our tablets bato plz

  • amol pawar says:

    मॅडम मेरे सर मे जादा रूसी होती है , और पीठ पर व्हाईट हेड होते है , रूसी जादा होणे पर चेहरे पर smoll पिंपल्स आ जाते है , चेहरा ड्राय हो जात है ।

  • raju pandey says:

    Madam please aapka contact number hai tu please send me Mujhe aap se baat karne hai for skin purposes please

  • Maya Maya says:

    Meri skin uneven h r lip k pss kali h koi gharelun effective face pck btaie

  • tpc says:

    Mam mera dandruf ja nahi raha from 5 years.. Ab mere ears meri nose meri cheeks bhi red ho jati hai aur beard chest mein bhi aa jata hai.. Jab mai medicine leta hu jitni der medicine lu utni der theek rehta hai phir dubara khrab ho jata hai.. Please help..

  • Spiritual Healing says:

    Mam kya yeh poori tarah zadd se theek ho sakta hai

  • chinmay jena says:

    Good evening mam, I'm facing both sebaric and ring warm disease last 5 year's I taking lots of medicine ,when I take medicine at that time it's OK after 4-5 months then started ,please give me any suggestions

  • Panchanan Budek says:

    Mobile number please

  • Panchanan Budek says:

    Dr sir seborrheic dermatitis pure head me ho gaya hai pure head me khujli chalti he koibi shampoo thik nehin horaha hai 1 day bath shampoo lagaja fir wapice hotahe sir osko achha shampoo batao Dr sir

  • Siddhartha Pareek says:

    Ma'am what is the treatment of seborrhoeic melanosis

  • vandana sharma says:

    Ma'am Thanks for your valuable advice.

  • Pritam Jak says:

    Mere sr m dandruff h or kafe deno s hai mai b&t ka anti dandruff shampoo v use kr raha hu fir v control nahi h dandruff, or sr ko shampoo krne k baad v sr m dandruff dekhta h come krte h to

  • Pritam Jak says:

    So plz help me wt to do.

  • Ajaib Gill says:

    Dr. i hve face dandruff with too much of itching…….wht should i do….. should i go for skin biopsy ???

  • Harsh Jain says:

    Ma'am mereko forehead par white patches he…How can I cure it?…And is it S. Dermititis?

    Please help!

  • Md Aarif says:

    Hello madam
    Mere sar me kafi dandruff aur etching hai jab tak sammpo karta hu tab tak thik uske bad fir se ho jata hai (keraglo ad ) use karta hu
    Mere neck aur ear ke niche red rases hote hai
    Please kisi sammpo ka name suggests kare


    Kya head stand karne se hair fall kam hota hai kya?

    Plz reply

    Mam I have used scalp+ shampoo from Galderma and it worked for me but after I started not using it dandruff got back what should I do now.
    Should I go to a dermatologist..

    Is cupping therapy good for health.
    Plz reply

  • Sanju Indoria says:

    नमस्ते मैडम जी…. मेरे भी seborrhoeic dermatitis है l… Sculp+शैम्पू or desolate cream लगा rha hu 1 year से… Pr मैडम जी जैसे ही लगाना बंद कर देता हू… Fir se yahi problem ho jati h…. Kya ye… हमेशा लगाना होगा?

  • Ghania Abbasi says:

    dermatitis skin eyelid pe ho tu kiya use kren?

  • Puja Jaan Gogoi says:

    Mam ye medicated shampoo use karne ke baad baal bht hi dry ho jati ha,Kya Medicated shampoo se sar dhone ke baad hum koi market ka conditioner use kar sakte ha ?

  • Zainab Poonawala says:

    Yes mam I'm having this problem from my childhood .I'm having in my eyes on my eyebrows around the nose and inside my ears and because of this my 2nd child also suffering from the same. So what i do and when i come in the contact with sunlight my skin starts burning

  • Ayub Khan says:


  • Md Ishtiyaque says:

    Mam face me Kiya use kre (Saborric dermatitis )aur scalp me kaunsa oil use krein oil lgane pe jiyada hojata hai

  • vivek vats says:

    Mem kya seborrheic dermatitis smoking se b hota h


    Mem mere sir me pichhale kai salo se dandruff he or mere nose ke upar or Lip's ke aas paas white patches ho rahe.

  • Anuj Tomar says:

    I have psoriasis on my face

  • Irshad Shah says:

    Hi madam Ji perthenium dermatitis par video banai

  • Godspeed Sniper says:

    For seborreahic dermatitis:
    Haritika churan : Hs with lukewarm water
    Amla churan : after lunch 1 table spoon with lukewarm water
    Bringraj-asava or bringraj churan : bd
    Panchtikt grit guggulu: local application on scalp at night
    Somraji tel ( baidynath): alternative apply on scalp
    Scalpe plus shampoo: for head bath .. use diluted form.. take another empty shampoo bottle and pour quantity for single wash and add up lukewarm water n shake well n apply on scalp..
    keraglo ad shampoo: alternative weekly..
    above two shampoo alternative weekly.. both contains additional specific formulation..
    god bless all..
    vit d is equally important..
    avoid spicy item , sour item, excess sugar..
    according to ayurveda , vata and kapha dosh causes this Darunak disease..

  • Tarandeep Singh says:

    Maam mara face par bhi problem ho rahi ha nose or eys ka pass koy skin ki medison btaoo

  • Shail Khurrana says:

    Your Content is absolutely Perfect Mam, I am also suffering from Sebo. Dermatitis and Using Medicated Shampoos, Dandruff seems to be Controlled but Pattern and Quality of Hair is getting Week but Areas near the Nose and Eyebrows are getting Rough and Reddish, how to Cure this.

  • anuj chouhan says:

    Mam ye jo condition aapne btai h mujhe bhi yahi problem h isse mere bal bhi jhad gye h or jab mene treatment liya to mujhe btaya gya ki mujhe psorisis h or col tar shampoo use karne ko bola usse mujhe relife bhi mila lekin dendruff kabhi bhi repeat ho jata h abhi me scalp plus shampoo use karta hu lekin me chahta hu ki daily use use n karna pade koi or solution btao

  • VEDIC gaming says:

    नमस्कार डॉक्टर विजय लष्मी जी, मुझे इस विषय पे एक प्रश्न पूछना है, मुझे यह बीमारी करीब 7 साल से है। पहले मेरे सिर में थी, अब चेहरे पे हो गई है। मैन ऐलोपैथिक, होम्योपैथी, और आयुर्वेदिक यह तीनों इलाज करवाया, पर यह खत्म नही हुआ। एक ऐलोपैथिक डॉक्टर ने मुझे ये कहा कि ये बीमारी खत्म नही होगी सिर्फ कंट्रोल में रहेगी, क्या यह बात सच है ?

  • Haramrit Singh Sohal says:

    Mam mera hair or face meh scalp

  • Haramrit Singh Sohal says:

    Plz help me madam

  • Haramrit Singh Sohal says:

    Plz mam give me ur official whatsapp nb

  • Ram Chandra says:

    Mam muje 8 shal se seborrhic d hai muje apki video se pta chale ki ye ek bimari hai app muje iski koyi Madian btayiye muje face pe nose pe or lips ke niche ESE hai red rrehta hai or khal chutati hai plz koyi fesh wash or crem ya oil btayiye

  • rajbala bhukkal says:

    Tell me medicine and sampoo and control hairfall due to serrborchic dermotytes elergy


    Mam I am suffering from fungal infection on head last 4 years so what can I do.


    Mam can you please send answer

  • Joshi omkar says:

    Mam Beard dandruff se kaise chuthkara paye

  • Neh JSR says:

    Ma'am plz recommend a shampoo for sebbhoric dermatitis

  • Great Kshatriya says:

    Mam mere sar ki skin niklti h yellow n white color ki dandruff type aur kaan ke peeche bhi skin niklti h??
    Aur oil niklta h sar se hlka hlka
    Mam kya mujhe dermatitis h??

  • markanday singh says:

    dermatitis ठीक होने के बाद झड़े
    बाल वापस आएंगे या नही mam help me

  • Suman Dalai says:

    Suggest a good shampoo with coal tar and zinc pyrithione

  • Ritik Sharma says:

    Mam mere sir se rushi jadti nhi or na dhikti h jab nhadun se nikalta hu tab dhikti h nhadun me black or white colur ki mam je denderff h pllz replayi me

  • dinesh dash says:

    Seborrheic dermatitis permanent solution he. Mujhe 5year tak tha. Now 100%clear.call6370113271

  • Gautam Kumar says:

    मैडम सिर की त्वचा मे सूजन और खुजलाहट रहता है।ऐसा गरमी मे ही होता है किया । प्लीज बताए,

  • Galaxy Gaming says:

    Hello mam mere nose k dono side red patches means pimples ho jati h.. Or hairball b hota h, Kya kru plz reply me.. Kesa video k thumbnail me dekha h.,,

  • ganesh pokhrel official says:

    Hi mom I have to mach alrgy my hade I consult with doctor I take medicine Shampoo still sem Porbalam can u give me contact number.

  • chu TV says:

    Mam agar hair ke neeche white balls puss ke. solidify hokar face pe gire aur pimple hojaye toh yeh kaunsa problem hai aur iska solution kya hai

  • Romantic Song says:

    Seborrheic Dermatitis i have this function but my hair fall plz solution

  • shree suryawanshi says:

    hello mam i am suffered from very weird condition. 5 years pahile suddenly mai face or scalp ke dry ne suffer ho gae hu. Face ko mai plain water se bhi nhi dho skti very dry ho jati he ,mouth corner dark ho gaya he. Kitna bhi moisturizer use kru kuch nhi ho rha he. Scalp me bhi bahut jyada dandrauff he. Lips bahot dry ho gaye he. 5 years se pareshan hu depression me ja rhi hu mai .Kindly request please mam help me.

  • Manoj Dubey says:

    मेडम जी नमस्कार मेरे बेटे उम्र 3 साल को सिर मैं बहुत खुजली होती है कभी कभी सफ़ेद फंगस भी खुजलाने से दिखता है प्लीज मेडिसिन बतला दे 1 साल से प्रोब्लम है

  • Hemant Tyagi says:

    Please please Dr mam esa componen ka name batao jis me coal tar selinium sulfide zinc pyritione ketozonole salicylic acid

  • Hemant Tyagi says:

    Ese sampoo ya lotion ka name batao please mam bahut paresan he

  • Suraj Gupta says:

    Mam mere sir m bhot khujli Hoti hai sebrroriec dermatitis se or piche ki side Jada khujli Hoti hai waha par hair bhi kaafi jhad gye hai kya mere hair wapis aa jayenge plz. Mam jrur btana help me mam

  • Binay music says:

    Dinay khujali Ki Treatment


    Stan ko Tait kaise kare


    Maam apne jo saboric dermatitis ka combination bola o kon si medicine me milenge…naam batadijiye

  • Pinku Prince says:

    Nice Mam

  • Pinku Prince says:

    Mam Dawa Lete Tak Khujli Band Ho Jati He , Dawa Band Khujli Phir Chalu Ho Jata He Mam……!

  • Chauhan Yunus says:

    Dr aap ye video nhi dikha raha h me bhi dendruf se preshan hoo plzz help me chehre prr bhi bohot hogaya h .khaj bhi bohot aati h chehre prr rashes hogaye h plz

  • hemant kumar says:

    Mam koi bhi sebum control krne ke liye video kyu ni bnata plz make a video on sebum control

  • Sanjay Gupta says:

    mera bhi wet sticky dandruff hai, kya cipla 8x shampoo helpful hoga?


    Hello mam i request u plz reply kr dena, mam mere sir face and puri body par dandruff hai and agr koi cloth pehnta hu vo v dandruff se sara white ho (like t shirts) jata hai piche 5 saal se ,😭n main neem oil lga skta hu sir and body par help me please mam ,iska ilaj hai?

  • HuZaif Ahmed says:

    Thanks for your reply mem mere ye oily dandruff 16 saal ki age see he ab me 34 ki hu mje ye sir tell lagane we Hui oil ko me pani me mix or k 2 ya 3 din to lgay rkhti thi meri age km thi Jo bta details wohi kr let thi 18 saal hogy hen ab to is dandruff ki waja see almost ganji ho chuki hu kitne hi darmatologist ko dikha lya lkn ye dandruff picha nh chorti kitni hi home remedys kr like onion juice , fenugreek seed apple vineger Bs 18 saalo me Jo b Kya sb btadya q k muje laga apki seorrihec video dekh k shayed AP muje guide krsakti hen Meri baat to bht lambi hogae us k lye maazrat pls reply zroor ki jiye ga

  • ravi kumar says:

    Mam lay thik ho jata hai

  • ravi kumar says:

    Mam apka ka cilinik kaha hai

  • musheer shabnam says:

    Mam mere lip ka uper neeche bhut jada black h isska kuch treatment bataeye

  • Ashwani Karma says:

    Dr. Mam mujhe bohat saalo se dandruff ki problem hoti hai kabhi bhi dandruff mere sar se nahi gaya pure 365 days rehta hai. Kabhi kabhi mote more flaky dandruff hote hai or vo mere eyebrows me or beard or mooch me ho jate hai vese hi scaly flaky skin and ears me bhi dead skin hote face pe bhi ho jaate hai moisturizer nahi lagane se. And mere middle chest me bhi round round daag jese hota. Head pe bhi pura ring type hota hai. Please mai bohat lagbhag 15-10 saalo se pareshaan hu mai 22 saal ka hu abhi. Please meri help kijiye. Abhi hairfall bhi excessive ho gaya hai.

  • Anil Nayak says:

    Good explanation doctor

  • Hari Budek says:

    Mam me coal tar seliseliyc acit lotin use karta hu Mera sclp enfeson dendrop thik hotahe hair oil use karta hu to fir se enfeson wapis hojata he kya Karu mam please batayo or coal tar seliseliyc acit lotin lagao to hair fell bahut hotahe please mam dono batayo

  • kanak sharma says:

    Doctor this video has helped me alot. My flakes take off hair follicles and a sticky liquid comes off. I have it in and around my ears. Also now my cheeks get rashes and feel extremely itchy. Please help me. How can I consult you?

  • Ibrahim Gazi says:

    Mam muje mere AK friend ki gharse fungal infection ho Gaya hai mujhe a infection 6year se he aur mujse mere paribarmai fail Gaya hai please mam help us sir pe dandruff hai itching hota hai eye brow mouchtouch ka hair bahut gir Gaya hai whole body Mai itching hota hai please mam treatment batana

  • ASIM MONDAL says:

    Madamji aapka whatapps number vej denge ,mere ko appse treatment korna chaiye

  • Veena Khatri says:

    Suffering from RVVC from last 4yrs n take soo many treatment but problem is as it was..
    Plz advice me..

  • DrizzLee says:

    I had not been able to address my skin rash on my right hand for the last 6 month together with undesirable skin rashes. Soon after applying several expensive steroid creams and such, a great pal recommended I use eczema guideline “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). There was no longer rashes just after several weeks of applying it.. .

  • sandhu saab says:

    Mere wife ko body par he seboric dermatitis he kya karu

  • Mishri Parsad says:

    Mer sir me tandhorap hai

  • sagar saxena says:

    Allopathy me dandruff ka treatment nahi hai

  • RAHUL KUMAR says:

    Mam apse treatment lena hai apki clinic kaha h

  • sumit singh says:

    Very informative video, thanks.
    I'm suffering from dandruff in beard. It's paining 24 hours. Please help

  • Simranthindofficial says:

    Mam moustaches or beard par b khuli hoti hai

  • lets go says:

    Beard m bhi ye shampoo thk rhega?

  • ROHIT PATEL says:

    Can I use shampoo on beared ??

  • mitesh singh says:

    Mam Could you please give me your email ID?

  • Surendra Sharma says:

    Mam i have Seboric dermatitis from last 2 years. I took medicine from last 1 year but when i used that medicines ok but when i drop medicines and shampoo then wapis ho jata h please give me better solution

  • Arfa Shabnam says:

    Mam Mera dandruff 2 year se h jisse hairfall eyebrows fall ki problem ho gai h JB main shampoo krti hu to dandruff ekdm dry ho jata h or 2 din bad oily jaisa ho jata h or usme smell bhi ati h itching bhi hoti h or hair growth wapas se ho Ni RHA h . Kafi sare Dr. Ko consult kiye mgr koi faida Ni hua . Plzzz AP mujhe kch suggest krye jisse ye solve ho or regrowth ho jaye. I m vry depressed with this now I'm 9 mnth pregnant koi medicen use krne ko bhi socht hun ..

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