ये लक्षण नजर आएं , तो समझो लिवर खराब है || is a fatty liver painful || liver detox || liver health

These are both symptoms If the liver is damaged Treat Did you know that your liver is working properly or not? If your liver is not much worse? You stay alert to these things is very important, because if your liver is not working properly, you may have to face many diseases. If you want to avoid them, Here’s your liver is working properly or not. To know that you do not have a problem with the liver, the body’s reactions to keep an eye on them, especially the change and take symptoms seriously. 1 Some people swelling in the liver, which increases the size of the stomach. Do it in such obesity mistake can put you in trouble. If you have pain from time to time in the place, the therapist must show. 2 extreme fatigue, dry skin, dark circles around the eyes and to grow is also sometimes the result of liver failure. In the event of damaged skin liver weak, lifeless, and also have problems with hair. 3. In the event of poor liver turns the color of urine. When this happens, it becomes dark urine. The Signs of Further Jondi as nails and the whites of the eyes become yellow is included 4 If the problem of appetite or stomach problems like gas and indigestion are frequent, it is also considered to be a symptom of liver failure. In addition, there is heartburn and heaviness. 5 fever is not too bad mouth taste bitterness grow and remain constant, it may also be due to liver malfunction. That is not a malfunction of the liver caused by excess ammonia odor coming from the mouth starts.

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