Массажистам: Как подобрать массаж клиенту?

** Massage for this model (18+) you can see at Patreon.com/estetica. Link under the video ** Friends, welcome everyone. Aesthetic beauty channel
and psychological health again with you. I am Olga Buganova, a city
Moscow. Today, again in this position. I’m in jeans. I have a device on my belt
to record sound. I am without medical clothes. Today will be a video about
how to choose a massage to the customer. When a customer comes with
one request and we must reorient him
to another request. Customers often
don’t understand what they need. They heard about anti-cellulite
massage. They think they need
Anticellulite massage. Today I have a Dasha model. And Dasha also wants anti-cellulite
massage. How to understand which customer
I need massage. First you find out the request,
which is needed. The client says which massage
he wants. Anti-cellulite. You start to do anti-cellulite
massage, but you see that the client it hurts, he tenses
he does not feel pleasant sensations from this massage. Despite what massage
we do, from massage we should feel pleasant
Feel. Even from a strong massage. You see the client is tense. Try to massage him
weaker. The client reacts, asks
make it weaker. We can conclude
that the customer is tense. Nervous system in a strong
voltage. Soreness may be
due to severe swelling. If you don’t see edema,
cellulite, but the client is hurt offer relaxation massage,
hot stone massage. Ask him to come on
other procedures. Ask him to experiment.
with you. If he doesn’t want, add
him 10 minutes warm massage
stones, back massage, cervical collar zones, zones of palms, feet. Only 10-15 bonuses can reorient
client for another type of massage. The client will understand what he needs. He can become your constant
by customer. It is important to feel
reorient customers them, offer them others
techniques and make them bonuses. The customer is not always ready
pay money to experiment. You need to trust the master. When you advise massage,
and the client is configured for anti-cellulite massage, he will relate
to you in disbelief how to the master. Try to do it
not in the first procedure, and on the second. Offer him another option. And offer him a bonus,
present. Nobody refuses this. I have many such cases
when come on one kind of massage and then they start
walk on completely different types of massage. Try to feel
customer. Try to offer him. Try to give presents. You will always be in demand
the master. Customers will love you. You will experience pleasure
from his work. Friends, stay with us. Subscribe, come
for massage training face, body massage. Invite our operator
Michael on a super shoot. We should have
super sound. Therefore i’m in an ordinary working
clothing option. Rate our sound, our shooting. See you.

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